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Rare Röyksopp Vinyl With Banksy-Created Cover Sells For $7,000

Hand-made Banksy art that probably won't self-destruct.
Royksopp Banksy Cover

A rare Röyksopp vinyl has been sold for quite a hefty price. What made it special was that Banksy made the cover. The result is a very valuable vinyl that sold for almost $7,000 on Discogs.

In 2002, Röyksopp pressed an ultra-limited edition of their double-LP Melody A.M with only 100 copies being made available to the public. They asked Banksy to spray-paint by hand all 100 of the copies and Banksy did. A copy sold in May for $6,962.

This may seem like a great deal since the last notably time someone tried to buy a piece of Banksy art, it self-destructed. I doubt this vinyl does that.

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