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Soul Bandit Embraces Early 2000's Nostalgia with "Sleeping To Dream"

Get nostalgic with the young producer's latest dreamy offering.
S2D Album Art

LA’s favorite Ghoul Pop artist Soul Bandit has just released an energetic 2000’s era-style song titled “Sleeping 2 Dream,” and it’s super nostalgic. This is her first release since dark and bassy “The One,” dropped in late 2018.

In “Sleeping 2 Dream” Bandit brings us back with vocal pitch and synthesizers reminiscent of early electronic music. This anime electro-pop style really lends itself to her out of the norm production and even funkier vocals. Soul describes her inability to communicate with a crush and sings about deferring her affection towards her dreams.

When asked about her direction and meaning behind the track Bandit said, “I wanted this song to be reminiscent of what I (and I'm sure many others) felt as an introverted, late-blooming youth. Having these ridiculously intense new emotions and yet not being able to understand or communicate them. That feeling of obsessing over crushes that you didn't even have the courage to speak to, so instead just looking forward to going to sleep in hopes that they'll make an appearance in your dreams. I grew up listening to a lot of Happy Hardcore, Euro-pop, and DDR-type dance music, and whatever anime midi I could find to throw onto my Angelfire page, so I wanted this track to reflect the type of music that I was listening to around that age as well.”

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Soul Bandit definitely brought out elements of DDR and Blue Man Group with this one. It’s great to see her flow with the dream-pop style and I’m excited to hear where she takes this progression. Her message is easy to relate to as there aren’t always the right words to approach someone with, if there was even the courage to approach them at all. Sometimes it’s easier to just dream your own world.

“Sleeping 2 Dream” is available to stream on Spotify below.

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