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Spotify Ending Feature To Directly Upload Music To Platform

The work will go back to partner distributors.
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Spotify is ending its direct upload capabilities. In September, 2018, the streaming service launched a beta that allowed artists to upload music directly to Spotify through Spotify for artists. Now it is shutting that down.

The move was seen as a way for Spotify to cut out distributors and potentially change the business by getting rid of a fee-taking middleman. Now, they have backed down from that promise and artists will have to choose a distributor to upload their music to Spotify. 

This announcement goes one step further as well. Artists now have to get a distributor for their music that was uploaded directly through Spotify For Artists or else it will be deleted. Artists have until July 30 to sort out a distributor.

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Artists will need to get their ISRC codes and then take them to a distributor. Exact details on how to migrate are found in the Spotify FAQ or will be sent to inboxes.

In their statement, Spotify says it is focusing on other initiatives with Spotify For Artists. "The best way for us to serve artists and labels is to focus our resources on developing tools in areas where Spotify can uniquely benefit them," they write, also imploring that using distributors is the right move.

Spotify’s preferred artist distributors are Distrokid, CD Baby and EMUBands.

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