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Spotlight: How Artists Use Instagram Stories to Stay in Your Feed

Learn how to maximize Stories to get the best engagement.
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The Instagram algorithm has wreaked havoc on many feeds, making it harder for brands, artists and influencers to get the kind of engagement they used to. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many users have focused their attention on Instagram Stories instead.

Consistently posting to Instagram Stories, though a great way to connect and engage with your followers, can also impact the performance of your posts within Instagram’s algorithm. This is because the algorithm takes all of the interactions you receive on Stories into account.

This means that the more that people interact with your Stories, the greater the chance that they will also see your posts in their feed.

By understanding how to take advantage of Instagram Stories, you can outsmart Instagram’s wily algorithm, resulting in a greater reach and your audience spending more time looking at your content.

How Instagram’s Algorithm Has Changed

It was recently revealed that posts on Instagram would be reverting back to chronological order in the feeds. Before you get too excited, it doesn’t mean that a chronological feed is coming back. Instead, the new algorithm has made the time you post more important.

To put that in layman’s terms, the feeds are still using an algorithm, but the factors that impact the feeds have shifted slightly in terms of how much weight, or importance, they are given.

With any new change, users adapt, finding new ways to reach their audiences and increase their engagement. As is the case with Instagram Stories.

First Thing’s First: Do you have an audience?

Before you even think about staying in your followers’ feeds, you need to have followers. Musicians certainly aren’t posting on Instagram just for themselves, and neither are you.

There may be a product you want to sell, a brand you want to build or a level of influence you want to reach. No matter what your reason is for wanting to keep your content at the forefront of someone’s Instagram feed, you have to have people interested in what you’re selling or talking about.

Posting incredible pictures, creating useful content like infographics, partnering with influencers and collaborating with sponsors can help you build on the following you currently have and grow. It takes consistency, imagination and work.

While there’s no easy way around growing an audience that likes to engage with you, there is a way to boost your efforts. If you are creating great content, you want people to see it, love it and share it and the Instagram algorithm favors metrics.

Buying Instagram metrics may give you the boost you didn’t know you needed.

Look around and you’ll find a host of social media marketing services that sell Instagram followers, likes and views. In a short period of time you can go from having less than 100 followers to 5000 or more. Buying followers and likes may sound weird, but it’s about perception. People think that popular people and things must be good because, well, they’re popular.

Instagram is diligent in their efforts to find and purge fake accounts which can be robots or simply shell accounts that don’t show any engagement. Consider buying from only the most reputable companies, like Buzzoid, a social media marketing company that has been around just as long as Instagram.

One thing to remember though - if Instagram decides the engagement is fake, they are completely within their rights to suspend or delete your account. This is one of the biggest risks when buying Instagram engagement services.

Outsmarting the Algorithm Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is hugely popular and a lot of fun. Artists may use it to stay in your feed, but they also are having a great time using it and so are their followers.

Stories is one of the best ways to engage with your followers and that engagement is weighed pretty heavily by the new algorithm. You’ll be surprised at how doing small things on Stories result in big rewards.

Use Every Feature

The amount of time users spend viewing your content factors into how popular it is according to the algorithm. That means you need to find ways to stop followers from scrolling past your Stories.

Thankfully, Instagram is constantly rolling out new features that make connecting with your audience fun and fresh. Here are some features to keep your audience engaged:

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● stickers

● GIFs

● Locations

● Hashtags

● Type mode

Type mode especially can be used to ask users a question, share what’s on your mind or post the lyrics of your favorite song. By using every feature, you maximize your chances of a user stopping and you are also giving them a reason to spend more time on your Story.

Encourage Your Audience to Interact

Interactions such as replies and DMs sharing your story are taken into account by the algorithm. When a user interacts with your Stories, they’ll start to see your posts in their feed more often.

To outsmart Instagram, use engagement opportunities such as polling to get followers to participate. Interactive polling stickers allow you to ask followers questions and see the results of the vote. There are a ton of ways to make this fun for your audience.

You can collect feedback on a product or simply make a bet with your audience and give them the duty of choosing what happens if you lose. You build a deeper connection with your followers and can increase your reach.

Another great way to encourage interaction is to drive engagement through your DMs. Ask followers to DM you for a direct link or a product. This also builds relationships and increases the chances that your posts will show up in their feeds.

Include Links in Your Instagram Stories

This roll out was a pretty big deal as links were only possible in the bio, but if you have a business profile with over 10,000 followers, you can include an option to “Swipe Up” in your stories. This helps you drive traffic to your blog post, product pages and much more.

Adding links to your Story is another feature that gets you rewarded by the algorithm.

Add Location Stickers and Hashtags to Your Story

The Explore & Search page was expanded by Instagram to include both hashtags and location Stories. When you add either to your story, you can be found when other Instagram users search the hashtag or location you used.

This is huge because it gives you the opportunity to reach a large amount of new and undiscovered audiences to engage with. If they like what they see, you may just have a few new followers on your account.

If the hashtag is really popular, people will be able to see the most recently shared Stories that are active at the top of the Search page.

Create Instagram Stories Ads

This new roll out can be found between the Stories at the top of the feed. As users spend more and more time scrolling through Stories, Instagram ads can help you improve the visibility of your brand because a new audience is viewing your ad.

You can share a video or photo, but whichever you choose, make sure it has an intro that is eye-catching so users that speed through their stories will pause for a second.

Use Instagram Stories to Track Your Success

Use this to find out who is hanging around and who is leaving your content in a hurry. When you understand what’s working and what’s not, you can put your resources in the right place and save time and effort in the future.

If you understand how to take advantage of everything Instagram Stories has to offer, you can beat the latest Instagram algorithm and keep your content in the feeds of your audience.

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