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Listen To The Haunting 'Midsommar' Score From Haxan Cloak

Feel the tension and fear in this new score.
Haxan Cloak

Haxan Cloak

Ari Aster made himself a household name among film buffs with his film Hereditary. Now he has followed up that horror film with Midsommar, flipping the idea that the light is a safe place in horror movies. The film was released on Wednesday and today the score from Haxan Cloak, real name Bobby Krlic, is out.

The score plays an integral part of the film to keep you off balanced and unsettled even when things when life is unraveling for the main characters.

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The music played a vital role in the filmmaking process. Aster wrote the script to Midsommar while listening Krlic’s work.

"Trying to live up to the expectations of a director who wrote the script to my music was an intimidating task," says Krlic in a statement. "But in the end I believe it’s been the most rewarding and deeply educational experience I’ve ever had. Not only was working with Ari Aster an honor, but the work was a true collaboration."

Aster and Krilic worked closely to create the music for the film. Krlic is also responsible for the music within the narrative of the film, with the songs and music that characters play & sing. Together, they developed a vocal language to sing using traditional Nordic instruments like a Hurdy Gurdy and a Key Harp.

Listen to the soundtrack below and be scared.

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