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Strictly 140 Guest Mix 042 - Scrivs

These short, brief articles will showcase a little bit about the artist featured on the various Strictly 140 Guest Mixes. Man like Scrivs is the latest to step up to the guest mix duties.


So for edition 042 in Strictly 140's guest mix series we bring you an artist that has been constantly pushing grime for quite some time now. We welcome Scrivs to the guest mix roster.

A DJ and producer from Leicester, Scrivs has a monthly show on the prolific London radio station Mode FM, every first Friday of the month. With his productions, he leans towards the more raw, industrial side of grime. He's got quite a number of releases under his belt from well respected labels such as Chameleon Audio and Slimzos Recordings.

We are very grateful for this mix Scrivs put together for us. He's stacked it full of collaborations, forthcoming bits and unreleased dubs. It features an array of grime producers, so have a listen below:

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Scrivs & Tofz - Streetstuck (Dub)
C Minus- R A S (Dub)
Scrivs x Spooky x Jakebob - ??? (Dub)
Osaar - Beatbox V2 (Dub)
Garna - Corps (Dub)
M1 - Untitled (Dub)
E3 Breaks - U Bet (Dub)
Tripta - Dem Boy (Dub)
Scrivs x Jakebob - Banana Shirt Dub (Dub)
Scrivs x Osaar - Trip Down Manor (Dub)
Sirpixalot - Grime Hot (Dub)
Tofz - Raygun (Dub)
Jakebob - Sacred Sample (Dub)
C Minus - Morgue It (Dub)
Scrivs & Tofz - Troops (Forthcoming)
Scrivs & Tofz - Stacked (Forthcoming)
Scrivs x Tofz x Jakebob - Nelson Mandella Spoon (Dub)
Jhuttz- Smoke (Dub)

Look out for next weeks guest mix that comes from Gnischrew.

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