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Telefon Tel Aviv Releasing First Album In 10 Years Since Charlie Cooper's Death

The new album 'Dreams Are Not Enough' will arrive in September.
Telefon Tel Aviv Josh Eutis

Early 2000’s electronic act Telefon Tel Aviv will release the group’s fourth album Dreams Are Not Enough in September via Ghostly International.

After releasing three influential electronica albums in the 2000’s Fahrenheit Fair Enough, Map Of What Is Effortless, and Immolate Yourself, the project came to halt when founding member Charlie Cooper died in 2009, the same year that Immolate Yourself was released. The project ceased at that point for what many assumed would be forever.

Co-founder Josh Eutis went on to different projects, working with the likes of Vatican Shadow, Nine Inch Nails, Apparat and others, in addition to solo work and collaborations Sons Of Magdalene and Second Woman.

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Eutis decided to come back to the project after years of “reflection and processing” and now we have a full album coming in two months.

Check the tracklist below and listen to the first single “standing at the bottom of the ocean.” Dreams Are Not Enough will be released on September 27 via Ghostly. Pre-order here.

Dreams Are Not Enough Tracklist:

01. I dream of it often:
02. a younger version of myself,
03. standing at the bottom of the ocean;
04. arms aloft,
05. mouth agape,
06. eyes glaring,
07. not seeing,
08. not breathing,
09. still as stone in a watery fane.

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