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Happy anniversary to me! It's been one year since I joined Magnetic Magazine, and what fun it has been to bring you the hottest Disco and Funk tracks each month! This month is no different, with Tuxedo, Munk, Ralph, Yuksek, and many more giving us so much to get our groove on to, so without further ado, let's go dancing!

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1. Ralph - Gravity

Ralph is back and just in time for those hot summer parties! "Gravity" has a smooth Nu-Disco vibe to it, and this song is just knocking me off my feet. Raffaela Weyman's vocals are once again silky and sexy and her band always brings an easy groove to their tracks. If this is an indicator of how hot their new LP will be, then I will be waiting with bated breath!

2. Kassian - Making Love

Whistles, whistles, whistles! I am already dancing if a song starts this way, and Kassian keeps pushing the groove with a soft female vocal not overpowering the sweet, sweet horns and percussive beats. Steamy!

3. Tuxedo - Vibrations feat. Parisalexa

Make sure you have your sunnies and sunscreen ready because this song could be the funky soundtrack for summer! Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are bringing the heat once again, putting the fun back into funk! 

4. Mitiko - Do It Again

Speaking of the funk, Sasha Mitich aka Mitiko has been producing up a storm of new music in the last few months, and "Do It Again" is a real hip grinder! Funky bass drives the track until the delicious vocals sweep you up at 1:05, giving the funk a little taste of disco. You will want to "Do It Again" all night long!

5. Le Visiteur - Make My Body Move

Taken from the excellent "Slightly Transformed - Summer Numbers 2019" release, Le Visiteur has congaed his way to the July chart. "I don't wanna be a freak, but I can't help myself" is cooed encouragingly to the listener, making you feel right at home joining them in their freakiness! "Make My Body Move" delivers on its promise, with steel drums no less!  Do yourself a favor and pick up this compilation today!

6. Pete Le Freq - Crew Say Dah

I want this song to play at every pool/beach party I ever go to! Sexy doesn't even begin to cover the 70s funky smooth jazz vibe that "Crew Say Dah" brings. Pete Le Freq has brought the fire to this original jam. Swimsuits are optional on this one!

7. Jimmy Rouge Edits - Movin'

New to the Razor 'N Tape stable, Jimmy Rouge comes in hot with the groover "Movin'". With all of the classic piano-driven sensibilities, this track hits hard with some soulful vocals. Your crew will not be disappointed to hear this on the dancefloor every night!

8. Dr Packer & Mark Lower - Moods Of Music

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"Moods of Music" feels like a summer breeze coming across the ocean, clean and crisp. Dr Packer never disappoints, and joining forces with Mark Lower is a winning combination! Jangly guitar riffs, plenty of claps and a driving bass line make for a real winner.

9. Kraak & Smaak - Sweet Time feat. Izo FitzRoy (Yuksek Remix)

Yuksek has put a real sweet disco spin on Kraak & Smaak's original "Sweet Time." Izo FitzRoy's vocals are next level funky and the music swirls around them perfectly. This is a true marriage made in heaven.

10. DYNOHUNTER - Ricardo's Return

DYNOHUNTER are Clark Smith, Nic Thornsberry, and Fred Reisen of Boulder, Colorado. Probably not where you would think the hottest Latin inspired dance track would emanate from, but having just seen these guys play live, I can tell you they have some fire in their souls! "Ricardo's Return" will turn the heat up your party to 100 degrees!

11. A/P - D Y B

A/P is coming straight at ya from Malta, bringing super fresh funk vibes with him. "D Y B" is a party starter, with upfront grooves, fresh horns, claps, and bouncy bass. Let's hope we hear more from A/P on Sloth Boogie soon.

12. Vigi - Take My Hand

Everybody is feeling a little funky these days. Vigi takes us to Funkytown with cute little finger snaps, super sexy vocals, and a bumpin' bassline. "Take My Hand" is full of danceable vibes, without sounding forced or heavy. Enjoy, day or night! 

13. Never Dull - Since I've Been Gone

Never Dull focuses on sampling classic soul and disco music from the 70s and it's never sounded so good! "Since I've Been Gone" is his first release for Night Shift Records. Sleek, sexy, and full of late-night grooves, this track is a genuine disco classic.

14. Munk - Happiness Juice (Extended Version)

Munk is no stranger to the indie dance scene, so a little bit of disco is a very welcome surprise from this tenured artist! Label Toy Tonics is always a treasure trove of fantastic disco offerings, but "Happiness Juice" has risen to the top this month. Pour me a big glass of this!

15. Ari Bald - Cool Side Of The Pillow 

"Cool Side Of The Pillow" goes down like a glass of warm milk. [Editor unsure about that] Soothing, relaxing, and a perfect way to wind down after another hot summer party. Looping strings and subtle beats will put you in the mood to just chill. Time to get on your pool lounger and float away.

Check out this months playlist below!

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