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Forbes has released their list of the highest paid entertainers in the world and there is some big time money being earned. The top 10 has four musicians: Taylor Swift with $185.5 million, Kanye West at $150 million, likely because of shoes, Ed Sheeran at $110 million because of course and The Eagles making $100 million. This is within a certain scoring period from June 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019.

To find some DJs on the list, you have scroll allll the way down to the bottom past others like The Rock, Kevin Hart, Diddy, Messi, Travis Scott ($58 million), BTS, Sean Hannity and others to find The Chainsmokers (are they still DJs?) at 67 with $46 million. DJ Khaled is tied with Marshmello at 87 with $40 million. Calvin Harris drops a few spots to 95 (tied with Kendrick Lamar), earning $38.5 million

This is all somewhat significant because for the first time in years, Calvin Harris is not the highest paid DJ in the world. Don’t feel bad; he ONLY made $38.5 million. He and the other two electronic acts on the list are there because of sky-high Vegas residencies, they actually sell music and get hundreds of millions of streams on songs and do big festivals. Calvin Harris doesn’t really do the festival circuit, so he may have dropped.

Adam Sandler is shockingly at 43 with $57 million because I guess people still watch his movies? 

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