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The Essential Festival Camping Accessories You Didn't Even Know You Needed

Magnetic's camping and travel editors pick out some of the handiest pieces of kit to help make your experience a whole lot better.
photo by Jonas Tempel

photo by Jonas Tempel

Barebones Backpack Rambler Cooler $80.00

A bottle opener as a zipper. We love this little touch, because someone always forgets!

A bottle opener as a zipper. We love this little touch, because someone always forgets!

Barebones make a lot of great stuff, but this is one of our favorites and something you and your thirsty friends will dig. This pack makes life a little bit easier when trying to lug around your beers or other beverages you are trying to keep cold on the trail or at camp. This model carries up to 12 cans, so even if your friends throw some pack mule jokes at you, you get the last laugh because your backpack is filled with cold beers and theirs are not. You suddenly just became a lot more important. 

Photos by Jonas Tempel 

Photos by Jonas Tempel 

Mizu Reusable Cutlery Set $17.95


A sturdy, 18/8 stainless steel fork, knife, spoon and even chop sticks in a zip-top neoprene pouch makes Mizu’s new Cutlery Set a great camping partner or just a great way to avoid plastic utensils. This little kit has it all including knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and stainless steal straw w/ cleaning brush. So let's save the planet together and eat like civilized festy rats shall we. The planet will thank you! 

Photos by Jonas Tempel

Photos by Jonas Tempel

VSSL Kits - First Aid, Flask and Camping Supplies

This year at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show in Denver we got the chance to meet the guys from VSSL, a super cool company that makes highly portable and compact "vessels" for your outdoor and camping adventures. We immediately thought of how useful these kits could be for festival campers who might find themselves in a jam or just for any you who spend a lot of time outside in the summer months. 

Photo by Jonas Tempel 

Photo by Jonas Tempel 

Breadcrumb Location Beacon $39.99

If you have ever been out to a big camping festival, then you know how easy it is to lose your campsite, especially at an event like Burning Man. You used to have to use landmarks and your sense of direction to find your way back, but if you are tired, or have been partying a little (or a lot), this sometimes can leave you in the lurch.

Not being able to find your campsite amongst rows and rows of tents or across a disorienting playa can be frustrating, but we found an inexpensive solution for this problem in the unlikeliest of brands. Meet the Breadcrumb Location Tracker, which works with a small blue plastic beacon and an app for your phone that works via BlueTooth.

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Photo by Jonas Tempel

Photo by Jonas Tempel

Rite In The Rain Notebooks - $5.95

Call us old fashioned but we always like to have a pen and paper handy just in case conventional technology fails us. The Rite In The Rain notebooks are great for your festival camping and outdoor activity because they are waterproof and literally allow you to write on wet paper. So if you meet the love of your life in front of the dance tent at Coachella and your phone suddenly goes out in a torrential downpour, you are good. Just pull out your memo book, trusty pencil and get that phone number! 

J.R. Liggett's Bar Shampoo and Soap - $1.34 per Travel Bar

If you have the luxury of any type of shower while out at a festival campground or any camping experience for that matter, may we suggest the J.R. Liggett travel bar. This little guy is perfect for traveling and can serve as both shampoo and body soap to freshen you up after you've been stinking it up with your dance moves, long treks and spilled beer. 

Photos by Jonas Tempel

Photos by Jonas Tempel

BioLite Firepit ($199)


Nothing brings a campsite to life quite like a campfire, but those can often be a bit hard to contain and/or cook over if you are in a festival campground setting. Enter the BioLite Firepit this little wonder lets you enjoy all the benefits of a campfire without the hassle. The Firepit works with both wood or charcoal and can hold up to 4 standard logs to keep you plenty toasty. The genius of this unit is that it creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and allows everyone to gather around and enjoy the warmth. Flip it to charcoal if you want to do some grilling, we also did that with wood as well and it worked just fine. You can also control the size of your flames manually via the fan speed or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

  • Fuel: Burns firewood or charcoal
  • Burntime: 24hr on LOW, 10hr on MED, 5hr on HI
  • Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 15.8"
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs
Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 5.28.11 PM

Klean Kanteen 12oz TKWide Bottle ($27)

The vacuum insulated TKWide bottle is the perfect vessel for water, coffee, or any other beverage you want to keep warm or cold while out and about. The 12oz TKWide comes with a leak proof cap with great little handle  and features the TK Closure™ internal thread design that keeps the top of your bottle locked in place. The bottle works with other TKWide caps including the vacuum insulated Loop Cap for thermal performance, or the Straw Cap which makes your beverage a little more accessible. The number one thing we forget to do at music festivals is to keep ourselves hydrated, so keep this little beauty close at hand to keep you going and refreshed.


Midland USA X-Talker Two Way Radio Set $89.99

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 5.17.27 PM

So many times we have been at big music festivals only to have our cell phones fail or lose service all together. If you really need to have a communication lifeline to your fellow festival goers, the X-Talker T290 GMRS two-way radio is the perfect solution for reliable communication. Whether you are at a festival, on the mountain, or just on a camping adventure where communication is key, rest assured these powerful GMRS radios will provide you excellent range and clarity. The radios are small enough to hide in your bag or casually clip to your belt if you need it handy, and if you want to be more covert you can use the included headsets. The battery has the capacity to last all day with normal use and the T290 features Midland’s signature Weather Scan + Alert Technology, which will keep you alerted of an impending weather - like say, a sandstorm on the playa. If communication is key, these are a must have. 

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