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The Soundtoys Summer Sale Is On: Get Some Of The Best Plugins On The Market For Up To 70% Off

This sale includes the new Echo Effects bundle for only $99, big discounts on individual plugins and $150 off the Soundtoys 5 bundle. Sale ends July 25, 2019

The Echo Pack is a limited-time offer during the Soundtoys Summer Sale, valid through July 25 only. Once the sale is over the Echo Pack will no longer be available for purchase.

“I love playing with and playing through all kinds of echo devices. So much so that we’ve amassed a ridiculously large collection of vintage echo hardware that we use and study to create our wide range of echo and effects plug-ins” said Ken Bogdanowicz, Soundtoys CEO and lead designer. 

“We created the Echo Pack to share our obsession with echo and delay effects and to make it easy for more users to experience the amazing sonic diversity that these five plug-ins offer. The Echo Pack is an incredible value and adds a limitless creative palette to any studio.”

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Also included in the Soundtoys Summer Sale are offers for $150 off the Soundtoys 5 Bundle at (reg $499) $349, and up to 70% off all individual plug-ins, including the popular Decapitator, Little AlterBoy and EchoBoy, priced at $79 each. Learn more about Echo Pack, summer sale offers and shop online at

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