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Tyler, The Creator Launching Snowflake Ice Cream Flavor With Jeni's

Mint and white chocolate are combined into a new flavor for Jeni's.
Tyler, The Creator Jeni's Ice Cream Snowflake

Is there anything more summer than ice cream? There are millions of ice cream brands and flavors, including a bunch influenced by musicians. Tyler, The Creator is getting into the ice cream game, teaming up with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, or just Jeni’s on a new flavor. The flavor is called snowflake and it sounds pretty damn good.

From a press release, the two-sided ice cream flavor is all about mint. The the ivory side has cool peppermint, while spearmint is on the green side. Buttery white chocolate will be melted throughout, while white chocolate flakes add some crunch on top and a dash of sea salt brings it all together.

Tyler calls the ice cream a “play date for your mouth."

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Snowflake will be made available online via his website and Jeni’s website, plus the GOLF flagship store on July 6. It will then go wide to Jeni’s ice cream shops on July 8.

He added a statement about why he put this together and why he didn't add macadamia nuts.

Tyler The Creator Ice Cream statement

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