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Watch: New Doc Shows How The Sony Walkman & Technics SL1200 Changed The World

It wasn't obvious from the start though. Celebrate the Walkman's 40 year anniversary today.
Red Bull Doc Japan Sony Walkman Technics SL1200

40 years ago, the music world was changed forever by a couple pieces of iconic music tech. On July 1, 1979, the first Sony Walkman was released and also that yea the Technics SL-1200 helped changed DJing forever.

In a new Red Bull documentary, the genesis and impact of those two pieces of groundbreaking tech are chronicled. It looks at how Japanese clubbing culture shaped the Walkman and SL1200 and the challenges that Sony faced in marketing the Walkman.

The doc features DJs from around the world, especially in Japan as they provide perspective on how Technics and the Walkman changed things for them. Sit down this holiday week for the 44 minute doc. 

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