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Yotto Talks Launching His New Label Odd One Out, Shares First Track 'Shifter'

He facetiously says he would like to sign Beyoncé and Bon Iver, but for now we will just have to settle for his own music, and maybe some from his dog.

Finish Anjunadeep star Yotto has taken the next step in a DJ career – launching your own label. Titled Odd One Out, the label will mostly be an avenue for his music now, but in the future he would like to sign other artists like Beyoncé or The National. His dog is also working on some beats.

He says this music is for the outsiders and believes he will be the worst label owner around.

“I strongly believe that nobody could do a worse job running a record label than me. To make sure I stay ahead of the competition in terms of idiocy and surreal zookeeping, I present Odd One Out,” says Yotto, calling the music on the label, “an amalgamation of galactic chase scene soundtracks and sunshine-inspired techno blues. We are all odd ones out there - this music is for the outsiders.”

Since no Beyoncé or Bon Iver tracks were available to sign, he instead is releasing a new song of his own song instead titled “Shifter.” It is the first of a four part series that will arrive on Odd One Out this year. He keeps up his deep and proggy brand of music that blends techno and house music. Listen to the record below and pick up a copy here.

We also had a brief chat with Yotto about who he wants to sign, his plans for events in the future and much more.

1. Why did you feel the need to start this label now?

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I reached a point where I became very comfortable with my own sound and wanted to create a new platform for music that I make, music that I love and music that I feel people should hear. I'm very persistent with these things. If somebody refuses to listen, I will arrive under the window with a boombox and serenade the shit out of them with whatever I believe is good. This plan might fail. [It worked for John Cusack in Say Anything]

2. What have your learned from the Anjunadeep team on building a label?

The Anjunadeep crew is a ridiculously well organized army of funny people who make running a successful label look easy. I have no idea what they're doing, but have sent spies. In all fairness when I first started working with them I thought running a label was quite easy, but it has so many moving pieces especially at the scale that they are operating. It's been a pleasure to watch and learn and work with them. I will still continue to work with them, but will focus most of my own music for my own label now.

3. How often do you plan on releasing records and who are you trying to sign?

I'll start slowly with mostly my own stuff. When the time is right and the label has some legs, I'll hopefully start bringing in all these fantastic producers whose music I play out. I would try to sign Beyoncé, Bon Iver and The National but that might prove challenging. At least my dog has promised me some music. Also as the legal guardian I can totally rip her off on royalties. [Justice for Sissi]

4. How big of a label do you envision this to be?

I believe this label will, for the first phase, be an extension of me and my DJing, so it all depends on where I go. In the future I would like to see it take shape as a series of events, music and culture that all share common values. Everyone is a bit odd, and I want people to feel connected in their weirdness and enjoy the music that comes out together. Not necessarily our own skyscraper, but a little office with 3 coffee makers would be decent.

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