Always better late than never, I say because Indie Discotheque can’t let you down by keeping the best Indie Dance songs of July to ourselves. Let’s dive in and listen to what you’ve been missing out on!

1. Yung Bae - Up All Night feat. Paper Idol

There is always room for songs that are playful, and Yung Bae has it this month with this absolute gem of a track featuring Paper Idol. From the la da dah’s, clapping, whistling, and overall chipper nature of the tune, how can I not put this track on the top of this month’s list?

2. Gold Spectacles - Ask Twice

A great piece of stripped-down indie pop, "Ask Twice" is a piece from Gold Spectacles that features light plucking of strings, occasional upper register woodwind samples, a crisp bass guitar riff and sing-along lyrics, and the production of the track provides the clarity I seek.

3. Tommy Newport - Movie Screen

I know, I’m an absolute sucker for falsetto vocals, but Tommy Newport really does it well on this song titled "Movie Screen." Overall the track is simple, danceable, understandable and just right for singing along in the car while you’re front seat dancing in rush hour traffic - falsetto and all.

4. Sea Girls - Closer

Traditional rock with a danceable structure, this is a track that has taken queues from modern EDM and pop music to provide, for example, that “doodle-a-doo” so many songs have these days. But in this case it’s performed subtly with the guitar, and believe it or not, it works well.

5. Midnight Divide - Who Do You Think That You Are?

Aside from my overwhelming desire to strike “that” from the title of the track, I understand it’s a way to add another syllable. When sung, the word adds an extra emphasis on that which you think you are, which is notable. I’d sing along with it on the indie dancefloor, as should you.

6. The Modern Strangers - Be Your Lover

There is always room for a song about a crush, and this is another fine example that I love to dance along to. Aside from its dancefloor worthiness, the guitar solo adds that extra level that too many songs these days don’t have. Looking forward to more from The Modern Strangers.

7. Timi Temple - Tomorrow is Yesterday

In these days of being responsible, it's important to note that tomorrow is yesterday is today, which we need to ponder when dealing with that which we do-over before we even do it. It’s a fun subject to ponder in song with the great vocal and guitar performance of Timi Temple.

8. Thee Laurels - Sound System

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It’s not just the speakers that make a sound system work, it’s also the production. The atmosphere presented to us via this piece from Thee Laurels brings a wall of sound that is always desirable on the choicest of dance floors. Play this one loud with a bit of smoke machine.

9. Batz - Wizard

This new track from Batz is upbeat and has an instant groove. Lyrically you’re greeted with instant attitude and swagger. It’s time to fall out of the sky and dance until we’re dead.

10. Felines - Too Tight

Minimalistic dance-rock is where it's at and Felines bring us another dance gem with "Too Tight." This track is limited to drums, guitar, a few random saxophone riffs, and an atmospheric vocal.

11. Vandebilt - Pushing Through

There is some serious compression on the percussion in the introduction of this song but it works so well in contrast with the clarity of the vocal. Once the track gets moving, we’re singing along with driving percussion and accent guitar that keeps your interest between verses.

12. Ballerina Black - Devils or Lilacs

Sliding into the darker side of music, this moody track from Ballerina Black conjures comparison with bands like The Kills, presenting overlaid vocals, interesting guitar features, and New Order influenced rhythm guitar. I love the noise and electronic distortion that accent the bridge.

13. Viera Motel - Take Heart

Taking queues from the structure of dark metal and applying it to an indie palette, "Take Heart" takes hold of you and makes you want to move on the indie dancefloor. The piano and synth textures add a lot to the momentum of the track, as does the dramatic nature of the vocal.

14. Faux Real - Second Sweat

A song with an upbeat pop sensibility, the fast-paced tempo, and catchy lyrics will keep you moving and keep you singing along. The production style is classic and clear.

15. Sinclaire - Missouri Dreaming

The voice of Sinclaire is one for the ages, with a simultaneous grit and depth that will have you cranking up this track while you’re singing along, driving with the top down along Highway 65.

See the full playlist below.

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