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7 Pieces Of Gear To Upgrade Your Commute Or Back To School

Need a new bike, helmet or lock? We have some items for you.

Heading back to school in a few weeks or want to upgrade your commute? Here are a few items like helmets and bikes that may be able to assist.

State Bicycle 4130 Road | $549:

The 4130 Road features a simple 8-speed transmission and a lightweight build, that fits into racks and isn’t too pricey for a bike.

ABUS 440a Alarm Lock | $89.99

The lock is sturdy and the 100 decibel alarm will let you know someone is trying to steal your bike. Watch for people accidentally setting this off though.

Muc-Off Bio Wet Lube | $5.49

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This lube is just for the bike and is made with sustainable ingredients. Keep the bike moving with this. Don't be fooled by other vendors trying to up-sell this.

ABUS Pedelec 2.0 Helmet | $149.99

Available in six colors, it has a deep temple area for additional protection. A rain hood keeps you dry, while a built in LED light keeps you more visible in the dark.

Silca Pista Plus Pump | $145

The pump is made from durable steel, Italian leather, brass and lathe-turned Ash wood and it may outlast your time in college or many commutes post-grad.

DZR Shift / No Show Merino Socks | $79 / $11.99

The DZR shift is made with 12oz canvas and designed by pedal support so it is built for biking. The socks are handcrafted in Italy from 50% wool, as well as acrylic and nylon. Both come in three colors.

DZR Shift Sneakers Shoes

The one issue is that many of these can be a bit pricey, though there are some decent deals to be found. 

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