Review: Aussie Indie Electronic Trio SAFIA Release New Album 'Story’s Start or End'

SAFIA take us through the circuitous process of a break up on their new album.


Australian indie electronic trio SAFIA has released their sophomore album Story’s Start or End. The trio first broke through in Australia with a string of singles in the beginning of the decade and then in earnest with their 2016 album Internal.

The new album builds on what they created in 2016, keeping some of that summery Australian electronic sound that has permeated world music. This album takes on a little darker tone, as the group tries to coach someone else or themselves through a difficult breakup. The song titles help give that way as they deal with the initial shock of a breakup in “Think About You” and then start to dig themselves out of the pit of misery with songs like the empowering singles anthem “Better Off Alone.”

Sonically the album matches the music thematically. It never loses the synth-heavy electronic sound they have become known for, but it can be a little darker and slower as the album gets to the middle. Then the LP lifts itself up at the end with cheery synths and a feeling of hope from the singer Bon Woolner.

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The album follows a pretty linear approach, but it does get into the circuitous nature of a breakup. You think you are fine and independent again, but then something brings you back into that lost love and despair. The album title is confusing at first, but it makes sense when you listen to the record, our emotions don’t always follow in the way we want linearly. 

Stream below or any other sources here.

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