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City Guide: Carl Bee In Malta

Carl Bee takes us around Malta for the best places to eat, visit and see music.
Carl Bee

Carl Bee

Malta has become one of the biggest vacation destinations in Europe, capturing a unique Mediterranean feel and culture with buildings that go back thousands of years. To continue our City Guide series, we decided to get a local DJ and promoter to help out with some tips on how to best get around Malta for the sights, sounds and food of the island. Read on for our City Guide with Carl Bee.

Carl Bee leads a weekly residency GRINGOS at Uno Village Malta, which runs until Sunday 20th September.

We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

We have some cool bars where to hang out before a party, however most people go to their local Social Place which in Maltese is called “Kazin.” We have different types of these bars, could be of a local football club or something like that. This is so “Maltese culture,” usually drinks are cheaper and they offer free nibbles for everyone drinking as well. It’s a very cool local vibe to start off a good night out!! 

Where can you find the best clubs / late night venues in town?

We have an entertainment location called Paceville in St Julians, there’s a lot of hotels, bars, clubs, casinos, restaurants and so on. However most of them are more or less commercial based music, so if you fancy a non-commercial music night out there’s Sky Club and The Playground which are pretty much used during the winter season. As for the summer season there’s the club UNO in Ta’Qali, Limits of Rabat, (pictured). UNO is an Open Air Venue which opens from June until September, and has also an indoor club which is used for private events in winter.

Limits of Rabat Malta Club

Limits of Rabat

Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out to you?

It’s been quite a while that my go to brunch is a savory crepe from “Krepree” in Sliema, you can find Krpree also in Valletta & Bugibba. It’s safe to say that it’s one of Malta’s healthiest fast food.





Best dirty late-night street food option?

Whenever I’m playing late close to the city of Rabat, my go-to option is always our traditional savory called “Pastizzi” (picture). These are made out of crunchy pastry filled with ricotta or mashed peas. Believe me they are delicious, especially after a night out. Then if you’ll be around in St. Julians, there’s a variety of options from Turkish food to pizza slices, burgers and hot dogs.



Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in MALTA?

Unfortunately we only have one record shop in Malta called “Sunset Records" located in a narrow traditional Street in Sliema. 

Sunset Records Malta

Sunset Records

Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

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During the summer season Monday will become my Sunday because of GRINGOS till end of September.

But my escape somehow is always either a good restaurant or staying home relax watching a movie or football (soccer) during winter. Lately I’m enjoying and appreciating quieter places to unwind a bit from all the craziness we live in.


Something everyone should do when visiting MALTA but probably hasn’t?

When Malta it’s worth visiting “Mdina.” It is very quiet and peaceful, in fact they call it “The Silent City.” It has impeccable views and a huge history behind it, since it used to be Malta’s Capital City before Valletta.

Triton Fountain in Valletta Malta

Triton Fountain in Valletta

I should mention Valletta, which last year was the Capital City of Europe, is also worth checking out!!

I can’t forget to mention the Blue Lagoon in the Island of Comino, and if your into diving, Malta is one of the best spots in Europe to do so!!!

Comino Blue Lagoon Malta

Blue Lagoon

Make sure you get a camera with you as you can’t leave these places without snapping some scenery!! 

A track that reminds you of your childhood in the city?

It has to be "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson. I’ve watched the movie BAD countless of times, what a classic!!

What are other great exports that come from MALTA?

We have an amazing local beer called “CISK” and also very good wine called “ANTONIN” from our sister Island Gozo. Then if you like soft drinks we have “Kinnie” that has an orangey flavor & also our number one packet of chips called “Twistees," the best one being the cheese flavor.



Kinnie Soda


A gift you can’t leave MALTA without taking home for friends?

Photos being the norm nowadays to take back with you when visiting a country or travel somewhere, but a unique Maltese Cross souvenir or even a Knight of Malta Souvenir -- both of which can easily remind you about the country!! 

Knight King of Malta

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