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"Military Walk," the new single produced and released by the talented NEEON, is sounding pretty big. Responsible for tunes like "Purple Nights" and "Mr. Lovefool," as well as remixes for artists like Wagner Love, he continues to impress.

As a keen gamer, he dropped this bold bass cut in collaboration with the entertainment platform Players Republik and it's sounding epic. To tell us a bit more about it as well as giving fans an insight into his own musical tastes, we caught up with NEEON for an interview and sourced his Current Vibes. 

You’ve just released your new single with Players Republik, congratulations on a big release! What did you want to achieve with it?

I’ve always been a gamer and started with local LAN party’s, joined a Counter Strike Clan, played World of Warcraft and did all that nerdy stuff back then.

Before all gaming I would usually listen to a playlist to get me in the right mood, and as a music producer you need to find ways to reach new audiences outside the normal channels. Music and gaming are connected with each other and it was my logical conclusion to work with partners like Players Republik who are bridging the gap between the two cultures.

Don’t you agree - what is more emotional than a great gaming experience with the right tune?

What were some of the most enjoyable parts of making it? What did you gain from the process, and what helps you to keep developing as an artist?

I’ve always made music and created tracks for artists like T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Felix Jeahn, Gucci Mane and many more.

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But I now want to develop my own style, I’ve never had to think about how to get my music to the people as all the artists I’ve worked with have had their own platform and fan base. So this is a great challenge for me, to find a sound that has a unique style and is not a copy of that radio music is my main goal.

Who or what influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles?

I really enjoy old groovy funk records, old vinyl with great emotion as I feel like most artists produce in a grid and lost that human feel. You can use digital synth sounds from a computer but you don’t need that digital mechanical groove.

What do you think sets you apart as a producer?

I love to work in all genres, giving myself a challenge because I like to learn new things like playing guitar and making a rock track, instead of keeping to my comfort zone.

I’m also very down to each and don’t judge artists by their income or followers, people can make me smile by their talent and great personality. So I would rather feature an artist with great talent and no followers, than a famous artist with no talent. Even if it means I don’t reach many people.

How do you want your music to make people feel?

It's all about emotions and making you dance. It’s that simple for me.

What else is on the horizon for NEEON in 2019? Any major goals you want to achieve?

More output. My goal is to release every a new single at least every three months or more!

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