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For those who were in New York nightlife in the 1990’s, Twilo is a name that echoes in a beautiful nostalgia. Though only open for six years until just after the turn of the millennium, it evokes many of the same memories and feelings that others had for clubs like Tunnel and Palladium. Sasha & John Digweed had residencies at Twilo and their brands became synonymous with the clubs. They sometimes played together for Sasha & Digweed nights. Fast forward two decades and they have reconnected for more Sasha & Digweed shows, often at major festivals, but have also dabbled in some headlining gigs. That was the case this past Friday when they played together for the first time at Avant Gardner’s beautiful outdoor venue The Brooklyn Mirage.

Sasha & John Digweed The Brooklyn Mirage

It may not have been the same size and level of intimacy as Twilo, but there was a similar feeling of community around electronic music. Walking around there was lots of people clad in Sasha, John Digweed and Twilo shirts, often hearing the club’s name on people’s tongues.

After an opening set from Naveen G, Sasha & Digweed stepped up for their “all night” affair that would go from 11pm to 5 am after a much-deserving encore. They slowly built their set with softer techno records, sprinkling in some dancefloor-friendly tunes to keep the crowd engaged.

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The set started to really pick up closer to 1:30 as Maceo Plex’s classic “Solar Detroit” came ringing through the big outdoor speaker system. They would bring things back down a little bit, but stretch out some of the peak time moments.

Sasha & John Digweed Brooklyn Mirage

The six hour journey would eventually have to come to a close as they mixed in some of their own records for some the best reactions of the night.

The venue was packed all night with people bussing around the various sections of the space. Every place one could stand along the perimeter walling was packed, sometimes two or three deep of people and even all the way up on the second or third level of the castle-like ramparts, there were people dancing in packs. Walking around, people were buzzing with excitement, wandering the venue and taking in the colorful projections on the walls that surround the dancefloor. Even as the clock passed 4 a.m., it was hard to tell if anyone had left.

Sasha & John Digweed Brooklyn Mirage

Sasha & Digweed are fan favorites in New York and it is easy to see why. The venue may have changed and the music has evolved, but the feeling was still the same. They made six hours feel like six minutes as the night flew by. Dance music changes all the time, but these two remain a constant.

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