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Exclusive: House Music Legends Celebrate 25 Years Of NYC Label King Street Sounds

After 25 years, they are just getting started

25 years ago, a small record label in NYC called focusing on quality house music was born, and has since gone on to house some of the most legendary names in the industry. King Street Sounds have released tracks from the likes of Masters At Work, David Morales, Terrence Parker, and countless others. To celebrate a quarter of a century, Magnetic and KSS have teamed up to bring you an exclusive feature with some of the label's heavy hitters, highlighting some of their favorite moments with the label. 


David Morales:

Terrence Parker: I use to go into my favorite record shops each week and listen to all the new releases. However, there were certain record labels I would look for and listen to their releases first. King Street was one of those labels. The music they released touched me personally in a way that I knew as a DJ would be well received on the dance floor. Now having my own releases, remixes, and a mix CD on King Street is a dream come true. Happy 25 Years to the King Street Family.

terrence parker

Masters At Work:

Dave Mayer: "King Street Sounds and the Nite Grooves and Street King label always been on top of the game. For many years I play their catalog with pleasure and every time I'm happy to check their new releases, as they have always brought quality and are versatile within the house music genre. Happy 25th anniversary to the King Street family!!"

dave mayer

Danny Krivit:

Cevin Fisher: 'Big Shouts to Hisa and King Street, Nite Grooves Family. It’s been a long run and I'm happy to have been there since the very beginning. Keep the Great music coming and we'll take it 25 on time. Felicitations for the next 25."

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cevin fisher

Mr. V:

DJ Spinna: "Congrats on the anniversary! Seems like King Street and Nervous are the only ones that lasted this long and never stopped or sold out to the bigger labels. That’s big!"


Wolf Story: We think King Street is a legendary label as there were so many huge tracks becoming classics since it's launch 25 years ago. In addition, their work today in A&R for discovering new talents is very solid. We're thankful to King Street & Nitegroove to let us express ourselves for the last couple of years.”

Doug Gomez: "When asked, which is the record label that has influenced me the most? I say KING STREET SOUNDS. Since their inception, King Street & Nite Grooves cemented their place in history as one of the most influential house music and soulful house music labels in the world. Congratulations Hisa, a toast to another 25 yrs and thank you for allowing me to be part of it."



danny teneglia

Dj Aakmael: "When you think of the beginnings of the 'golden era' of House music, many labels come to mind. King Street Sounds are one of the mainstays that withstood the test of time, adapting to the changes and challenges in the music industry and is still going strong today! I remember in the early 90's going weekly record shopping at 12" Dance in DC, and ordering records from Vinyl Mania in NY, Funhouse in NC and many other shops, KSS was one of the labels I always gravitated towards. No matter who the producer was, you were sure to always find dope classics on both KSS and Nite Grooves!"

dj aakmael

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