George Fitzgerald & Lil Silva Launch New Project OTHERLiiNE With Single 'Chimes'

George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva collaborated in 2018 on "Roll Back" for Fitzgerald's album 'All That Must Be.'
OTHERLiiNE George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva

After working together on their track “Roll Back” last year, George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva have launched an official project called OTHERLiiNE. To punctuate the announcement, they have released a new song “Chimes” that officially marks the beginning of this collaboration.

Fitzgerald and Silva collaborated on the track “Roll Back” in 2018, which was released as part of Fitzgerald’s album All That Must Be. Fitzgerald is a known quantity to dance music fans, but Lil Silva comes from a different background, working in some of the poppier sides of the genre, in addition to brands and pop artists like Adele.

Now they are back and working together on a new project. “Chimes” is more instrumental and just as fluid as “Roll Back." Prepare for more music from these guys at some point. Pick up "Chimes" here and there is a video coming tomorrow.

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UPDATE: The video is now live. Get lost in this.

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