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How It Was Made: Avision - This Way [We Are The Brave]

Words and photos by Avision

Welcome back to How It Was Made, the Magnetic exclusive feature where your favorite artists break down the process and tools they used to create their latest records. This time, we are joined by New York's Avision, whose track 'This Way', is forthcoming on Alan Fitzpatrick's We Are The Brave. With a family lineage of world-class DJs, aka his uncle being the legendary Victor Calderon, it's safe to say Avision's got a knack for making quality music. Below, you'll get an exclusive look into his dark and moody studio, filled with loads of amazing gear.

Words and photos by Avision


The lead track and title of my EP is called “This Way” on We Are The Brave. The studio process and gear used for this record was fairly simple.



The EX8000 is from the ’80s and it was Korg’s first digitally-controlled analog hybrid synth, and I used it as the main piece behind this record. For some reason, the organ sounds on this piece sound phenomenal, and they give the record that classic vibe. I also used it for the piano chords that drive throughout the record. The Korg EX 8000 is a hidden gem and by far my favorite piece in my studio.

KORG EX-8000


Another classic piece that is always timeless. I used the Nord Lead for a little synth perc in the track, with a little processing and some reverb I was extremely happy with the end product. I think the synth perc adds to the suspense of the record, with it also being a nice addition to the piano rhythm.


Beyer Dynamic 500

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This is also a piece from the ’80s that was my father's mic, and he passed it on to me! This mic is a ribbon mic that cuts through my mixes nicely. A little tuning, reverb, and some processing go a long way with the vocal I created for “This Way”. The vocal is the staple in the record and catches the listeners ear.



Ultrabeat is a Logic plugin, that has some amazing drum samples. I tend to use this a lot since the samples are true to the original drum sounds. It also has a lot of flexibility as far as tuning my drums, editing the attack or release, and adding some noise. I used Ultrabeat for the snare hits and open hat.

Roland Cloud (909)

This plugin speaks for itself, I always use the 909 for my closed hats as it’s super easy to EQ and it always cuts through my mix. I love this plugin as it’s a pretty close fix to the original 909.

Midi Controller

I’m using the Native Instrument A49, to keep it simple this thing is badass. Since Native Instruments sent it over I’ve had a blast using it, it is super easy to use and super easy to go through all of Native Instrument plug-ins as I am always digging.

Kontrol A49


I have been using Logic Pro X for all of my production, and a Sapphire Pro 40 as my sound card. The past two years of my production I have been using a second Mac Book Pro laptop strictly for production on the road. This laptop is a duplicate of my studio desktop and has enabled me to transfer projects back and forth to finish them quicker. This laptop has been a game-changer for me throughout the production process. 


Avision's new EP 'This Way' is out 8/23. Pre-order it here.

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