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IK Multimedia Offers Free T-RackS Metering Suite To iLoud MTM And iLoud Micro Monitor Users

All iLoud MTM and Micro Monitor users will receive a pro-quality metering suite

Today, IK Multimedia has announced that, for all users of their MTM and Micro Monitors, their T-RackS Metering Suite is now free to use.


The Metering Suite provides complete visual feedback about audio creations to help users achieve professional results. The precision LUFS meter offers information about the loudness of an audio piece based on its final delivery method, from digital music, to broadcast, and everything in between. Peak, RMS, and Dynamic Range meters offer feedback about the dynamic response of mixes. A timesaving Spectrogram detects frequency imbalances and phase issues before masters are finalized. VU/PPM meters provide a classic "needle style" visual, while similarly styled Mid-Side meters enable comparisons between mono and stereo content.

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