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In Conversation: Solardo At Splash House 2019

"Every time you think you can't have another highlight, another highlight comes..."

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solardo splash house 2019

This past weekend, Splash House's annual second weekend brought absolute insanity to Palm Springs, with the event procuring top talent over three different venues. House music in the desert with a pool? What's not to like? One of the most exciting and long-awaited acts, Solardo, finally made their debut at the weekend event, and as expected, brought nothing but pure, unadulterated fun and energy to the Saguaro. Their set bounced between house, tech house, and even a touch of techno, with their latest collab with Eli Brown, 'XTC', causing a near riot. The line to get into the pool area was so long, that capacity was hit very quickly, and many people were turned away. One of the highlights was seeing all the people on their hotel room balconies going equally as apeshit as the people in the water. 

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Amidst the chaos, I was able to catch the lads from Manchester for a quick chat about their set they'd just thrown down, their Ibiza residency, and of course, XTC. Although this is a rather short interview, it really shows the energy they bring during their sets, which is infectious regardless of taste in music. 

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