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In Conversation: Trentemøller

"I think if I didn't make music, I might be a little bit more troubled..."
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Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and beyond. We deconstruct their daily routines, fears, and quirks, showing you what makes them tick, and what exactly makes them so successful. From artists to managers, agents and promoters, these are the people who make it happen, pushing our community forward.

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When I first started this show, one of my goals was to, admittedly, be able to speak directly with the people I looked up to most in this industry. Honestly, I never thought I'd have had the chance to interview some of the people I have, but it's been more than a dream come true, and I'm eternally grateful for that. One such artist, who just so happened to be the second artist I ever interviewed, is now the second guest to return to the show. I'm speaking of legendary Danish artist Trentemøller

The last time we spoke, he was prepping for his show in LA while on his Fixion tour. Fast forward to today, and he's about to drop a new album, of which the latest single is now available. In this chat, we discuss his new album Obverse and how it differs from all his previous work, becoming a father, and we even have an extremely introspective moment that creates a lot of clarity on a specific habit that you fellow artists might share with us.

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Check out his latest single "Try A Little" featuring Warpaint's Jennylee below, from his forthcoming album Obverse, which is out September 27th.

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