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JSTJR Brings Electrifying Groove With House Banger "I See You"

It sees a release through his own imprint.

The producer, vlogger and keen cook JSTJR has just put out a new record on his own label Group Chat Recordings. With a sharp eye for production, “I See You” has been doing the rounds at shows and festivals since it first emerged.

A crisp house cut with strong dance floor vibes, this record really shows off JSTJR’s personality as an artist and is likely to push him further into the spotlight.

Talking through the single, he explained: “I See You’ came from a really pure creative state where I sat down and just let the music flow out of me. It’s the first time in a while where I didn’t sit down with the intention to make something specific, and the result is my favorite tune in a long time! The crowd reaction has been awesome – premiering it at EDC was EPIC and ever since people are always asking about the song. The vocal is dope because I know everybody is always shaking it and shuffling when it drops and it’s like… I see you girl! Shake that thang!”

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You can hit play on “I See You” here. 

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