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Lindstrøm Announces New Album 'On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever'

Lindstrøm has announced the details to his sixth album.

Lindstrøm has announced a new album On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever. At only four tracks, the project is short, but each song is eight to 11 minutes.

The album came from ideas he sketched for another project. In the fall of 2018, he composed a commissioned piece for Norway’s premiere art center Henie Onstad Kunstsent. Those then became the basis of this album.

"I decided to keep some of the initial ideas and develop them further. All the songs are based on long one-take recordings,” says Lindstrøm. 

The song length and album length are purposeful for vinyl.

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“Also I’ve been very conscious about the music on the album not exceeding the length of the physical limitations of the vinyl-format, finding that 2 long tracks on each side were the perfect balance for this album.”

The album is first time Lindstrøm used entirely hardware. “The joy of making music on actual physical objects and devices makes a lot of sense to me now. After working on a computer for over 15 years, I don’t think I’ll ever look back,” he says.

The album will be released on October 11, but you can hear the first single now “Really Deep Snow.” Pre-order On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever here.

On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever Tracklist:
1. On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever
2. Really Deep Snow
3. Swing Low Sweet LFO
4. As If No One Is Here

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