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Magnetic Mix 045: Joney

With a new album out now, 'Bananarchy,' we decided to get Joney in for a Magnetic Mix covering the various UK-influenced sounds you hear in his sets.

Hamburg-based producer and DJ Joney released his new album Bananarchy a little over a week ago. Blending various UK influences like garage, dubstep, house and a little jungle, the album covers a lot of ground in a short period of time. With the new album out, we decided to get Joney in for a new Magnetic Mix to give a better impression of what you will get from the LP and his sets.

"It's a selection of tunes that I recently played out during sets and it represents what I would like to hear at a rave. As a resident DJ of the Golden Pudel Club (Hamburg), I experienced a heavy UK and dub influence during the legendary MFOC nights. Also I started out playing drums pretty early in life and I enjoy focusing on grooves and drum programming. I like unpolished, dirty sounding grooves and these tracks are a collection of older secret weapons as well as recently released material that matches my sound.“

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Feel It - Formally Unknown
One Day - DieMantle
Sandman - Joney
Gunman - 187 Lockdown
Guccifer (Keele Warehouse Mix) - Nautiluss
Poly - Benjamin Damage
U Nations (187 Lockdown dark dub) - The Shamen
Trump And Run - Joney
The Soul - Menta
Reset It (Head High Real Mix) - Special Request
Freaki'n You (Bootleg Mix) - Cupcoon
Owl School - Joney
Coming - Stratton
NT1 (Liar Optimix) - Hostage
Soundboy (Libra remix) - Sirmo

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