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Max Cooper Announces New A/V & Music Album 'Yearning for the Infinite'

Max Cooper is prepping to launch his most expansive project to date.
Max Cooper

Max Cooper

Max Cooper has announced his most complex and expansive project to date. Born out of a commission by The Barbican, a UK outfit dedicated to pushing artist boundaries, the album Yearning For The Infinite is an album scored to a visual story and an A/V live show. He seeks to connect the arts & sciences, human nature and the unbounded.

The album will merge the producer’s “affinity for rich harmony and spatial manipulation with sweeping acoustics and subtly evolving motifs,” according to a press release.

Each track is designed to match the live performance it accompanies. The A/V show looks to document the human condition in a unique way coming showing “abstract visualizations are presented amongst human stories of yearning and endless pursuit.”

For Cooper he was excited and challenged by the commission as part of The Barbican’s theme for the year, “Life Rewired.”

“I wanted to take the whole idea of human progress, growth in technology and the data explosion etc, and boil it down to its essence, our seemingly endless desire to move forwards somehow, as individuals and as a species,” he says in a statement. “Our yearning for the infinite as a system for creating goals that can never be reached, as a means for creating an endless source of meaning in our lives, because what would you do if you had nothing left to do!?”

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The actual music making was quite complex and required a different way of doing things.

"Initially I set about writing up all the ideas and chatting to visual artists about how to turn them into a reality. Then I started on the music, scoring each piece to a particular visual story. I wanted to bring ideas of the infinite into the production process too, so I approached the music in a new way, relying heavily on live improvisation sessions and going a bit mad on the infinite layering, and feedback systems," explains Cooper. "It all got quite out of hand with more than 200 layers of audio and much generative chaos on some pieces, which was a massive headache to work with, but a good challenge to take on to try and deliver the idea.”

You can hear all of this in the first taste of the album with "Perpetual Motion."

Yearning For The Infinite will be released on November 7. See the tracklist below that includes features from Wilderthorn, Alison Moyet and others.

01. Let There Be
02. Repetition
03. Parting Ways (with Six Sigma)
04. Perpetual Motion
05. Circular
06. Aleph2
07. Scalar (feat. Alison Moyet)
08. Nanotech (feat. Wilderthorn)
09. Penrose Tiling
10. Transcendental Tree Map
11. Morphosis
12. Void
13. A Fleeting Life (feat. James Yorkston)
14. In Pursuit of Ghosts (with Tom Hodge)

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