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Meet The Ultimate Portable Grill For Festival Camping And Beyond

The Wolf & Grizzly Adjustable Portable Grill is one of our our favorite pieces of cooking kit on the market.
The Wolf & Grizzly M1 Grill Kit - Grill, stand, cleaning cloth, scraping tool, flint and tinder tool + carrying case

The Wolf & Grizzly M1 Grill Kit - Grill, stand, cleaning cloth, scraping tool, flint and tinder tool + carrying case

The Wolf & Grizzly Portable Grill Kit is one of the more clever designs we've ever seen for an outdoor/campfire type of grill. If you are camping at a festival like Burning Man or merely taking a weekend car camping adventure, this grill kit can go along for the ride and help you deliver delicious campfire meals with a little bit of practice. 

The campfire is the perfect heat source to cook up anything from fresh fish to bagels, and that woodfire grilled taste is hard to beat, especially with meats and fish. The guys at Wolf & Grizzly took their love of campfire cooking and industrial design and created their Grill M1 Edition, consisting of two pieces (grill top and stand) that pack down into a beautiful little compact cylinder. The grill also comes with a cleaning tool and cloth, along with a flint and tinder kit to get your fire started in a pinch (good luck, it's not easy to go this rouute). 

We took the grill down to our Project Basscamp facility just outside of Westcliffe, Colorado to give it a trial run. We used the grill to cook both our breakfast and our lunch to get an understanding of how it worked with toasting and cooking.


Breakfast consisted of some bagels from a local bakery with some scallions and cream cheese. We kept the fire small and focused, and the grill at the highest setting, which is 8" from the ground so we could get a nice toast and not scorch our bread. About 5 mins on a low to medium heat yielded a delicious crunch, and we were able to get two rotations done with ease. Nothing quite matches the taste of a fresh bagel toasted over a wood fire - it's delicious.

Lunch consisted of some skirt steak and chicken breasts to get an idea of how the grill set up would handle meats. For this meal, we created a more significant fire and used the grill at its 6" height so we could get some more heat to more thoroughly (and quickly) cook the raw meat. One of the big things you need to consider here is fire temps are going vary quite a bit, so cooking on an open flame requires a bit of practice to get it perfect. We used a pair of long tongs to rotate the steaks/breasts to make it a little easier on our hands and to quickly bring the meat off the grill to check our progress. We didn't get it perfect, but the meats came out pretty damn good, and we aren't mad at getting in a little more practice to master the craft either. 

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Build Quality: The components are made out of 304 stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about anything melting in the fire at the higher temps. The materials are corrosion resistant and not super heavy, so it is possible to pack this grill in for short hiking trips. The grill comes with a scraping tool and a cleaning cloth to help keep it in good shape on the trail, and when you get back to civilization or your campers sink, you can clean it easily with some water and soap. 

Packability and Design: When the grill is rolled up and packed away, it is just under 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs in at about 2.2 lbs. The stand folds up into a beautiful skinny rod-like form, and the grill component wraps around it perfectly to create the perfect little package. Two parts. That's it.

Height Modes: The Grill M1 Edition provides three versatile height options for grilling in every environment. So no matter what type of fire, aside from a bond fire, you will be able to get in there and start making delicious meals or even just plop the kettle on it to get some water boiled. We never used the stay-flat mode, but this seems great for charring steaks right on the fire if you are into that heavy smoky flavor and char.

8" MODE - The highest position for cooking over a wood fire

6" MODE - Best for charcoal BBQ or lower burning flames

STAY-FLAT MODE - Use objects as props to cook as high (or as low) as you want

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