LA's very own Nala is stepping out from her DJ guise and has been working on developing a beautiful signature production quality. She made a real statement with debut single "Telepathy," which was picked up instantly by Spotify and added to their Fresh Finds. Now releases her new single to carry that momentum in "Gravity." 

“The song was written about an experience I had in a new relationship,” Nala explains. “I had been single for a long while and got involved with someone who was very caring and attentive. Eventually, that attentiveness started to make me feel suffocated. The song reflects my desire for space from the relationship and how the lack of that space caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. The song starts more spacious and by the end should feel as if there’s no space left – reflecting that suffocating feeling.”

We can't get enough of "Gravity" and its thickly expansive vibes. Flickering piano and cascading pads give space for Nala's distinctive tones to emerge, and will leave you wanting more. 

Pick up "Gravity" here. 

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