In the past decade alone, Louisville has birthed a magnificent music scene exclusive from any neighboring city. Louisville carries roots from artists like My Morning Jacket and White Reaper, and two new venues have been introduced to the city since 2010. Louisville had a missing piece to the puzzle as the next step from a 700-person standing room venue was a roughly 2,300 capacity seated amphitheater open only during warmer months. This particular disadvantage led to many artists skipping over our city of undiscovered potential on tours for years. Luckily, local company Production Simple and The Kentucky Center for the Arts came together to find this missing piece. The result: Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, a 2,000 standing room capacity venue which officially opened its doors in July of 2019, and what better way to celebrate this step forward than with Interpol’s first show in Louisville since 2005 yesterday, August 8.

Brooklyn-based punk icons Surfbort were Interpol’s choice of opener for the night. Immediately upon walking onto the stage, lead vocalist Dani Miller carried a smile more genuine than anyone inside Paristown Hall. Dani’s smile soon proved to be a concoction of genuine happiness and unbridled energy to be released, and it almost seemed as if this smile was shared throughout different band members at the beginning. It was hard to take your attention away from Dani jumping around the stage, and even harder once she made her way past the front row barricade into the crowd. Although Surfbort brought the energy, Interpol would soon prove to make up for their energy with visuals.

The band soon crept on stage altogether into the darkness. The subtle beginning of “Pioneer to the Falls” began to flow through the speakers, and everyone begins to adjust. Suddenly, a strategically placed disco-like ball became emphasized by white light in the background, reflecting beams like visual shrapnel through the fog. As the song progressed, two more balls are revealed and soon enough the entire venue is pinpointed with ghastly lines of pure white, all of which move through the air so majestically. Eventually I made my way from the floor to the balcony view and I witnessed these rays of light suspended in air, illuminating a field of people below. At this moment, I found it hard not to realize how much of a success this establishment has already become, and how much more time it has to grow into something even better.

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