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Premiere: Hernán Cattáneo Unveils Khen's Soothing "April Storm" Off Of New 'Sunsetstrip' Balance Compilation

Head to the beach with this new record from Khen.
Hernan Cattaneo

Argentinian DJ Hernán Cattáneo is next in line to take over the spotlight in the Balance mix compilation series. Aptly titled Sunsetstrip, the mix takes you through some blissful, almost Balearic vibes, on a journey through a sunset and the beginning of the night. Spanning two CDs and 33 songs, the journey will be long and full. Only two of the tracks have been previously released, so there will be a ton of new music. One of the songs, Khen’s “April Storm” we are happy to premiere for you today.

Khen delivers a blissful piece of Balearic electronica that slowly builds and crests like small waves gently massaging the beach. The song is built for those euphoric moments on a beach with a beautiful sunset going down, while also still danceable with a sturdy bassline carrying the record.

You can stream the song now before Hernán Cattáneo’s Sunsetstrip is released tomorrow. We also caught up with the Argentine to learn more about the compilation, how it was put together and more. Pre-order the compilation here.

1. How did you pick the songs for the compilation? Why did you pick this one from Khen?

Hernán Cattáneo: I tried to work with and select artists that really represent the sounds I like and normally feature in my sets worldwide.

I’ve been playing Khen’s tracks for many years and some great ones from him came out on Sudbeat as well. He’s one of the best producers from the melodic/progressive scene and I’m super happy to have him onboard.

2. In an era of playlist culture, how do compilations fit into the modern music landscape?

Hernán Cattáneo: Playlists are for the general public and work great, but for real fans, they want the whole package.

The CD, the vinyl, even the sticker, they enjoy the art, and when possible, they get you to sign the CD/vinyl at a gig. So the physical compilation is way more meaningful than only just the music.

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3. Who came up with the theme of the compilation and how was it picked?

Hernán Cattáneo: The main idea was to make an album based around the sunset shows I’ve been doing for years all over the world. Lately, together with my manager Cruz Pereyra, we started putting on these events called “Sunsetstrip.” So it was the perfect timing for the new compilation.

4. The compilation is almost all exclusive tracks. How did you get all of this unreleased music?

Hernán Cattáneo: Fortunately I have very good friends in the music scene and also I have my label Sudbeat, so I got them from both sides.

A lot of great new music is coming my way all the time so I use them in my sets, release them on the label, include them on my weekly Resident podcast, or in this case, select them for a Balance compilation.

5. Were there a few tracks or artists you wanted on it, but couldn't?

Hernán Cattáneo: There are always some artists that you would like to include and you can’t for different reasons...mostly permits, and rights, etc.

A good example is the closing track of the first disc Sunset. My friend Mercurio did an amazing bootleg of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” for a big show I was doing in Argentina’s Polo Fields. But then when I planned the album, it was impossible to license that vocal and include it and that would have been frustrating.

Luckily instead, Mercurio got his friend Anita Alvarez de Toledo to re-do the vocal in a great way, and we have a great finale for the first part of the album.


CD1 - Sunset
1) Darpan – Blessing (Intro)
2) Navar – Zion*
3) Davi - Dream on Wheels*
4) Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Flair*
5) Mariano Mellino & Interaxxis – Andromeda*
6) Landhouse & Raddantze - Amyleigh (Iorie Remix)*
7) Kymatik - Green Fields and Lemon Skies (Slow mix)*
8) Juan Hansen - Hiding Sun*
9) Kevin Di Serna & Guhus - 4 Meditation*
10) Kevin Di Serna & Graziano Raffa - System Era*
11) Orsen - Before the Storm*
12) Bachir Salloum & Memory – Evol*
13) Antrim - Voice of Reason*
14) Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Glide*
15) Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Stimulation*
16) Mercurio feat. Anita Alvarez de Toledo - White Rabbit*

CD2 - Strip

1) Mike Griego feat. Paula Os – Headspace*
2) Mike Griego – Iridescent*
3) Brian Cid - Dissolved in You*
4) Khen - April Storm*
5) Subandrio - Mein Sohn*
6) Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile - Pick up*
7) Black 8 - Dagger of Time*
8) Nick Varon – Ratas*
9) Brian Cid - Rebirth
10) Hernán Cattáneo & Marcelo Vasami – Scope*
11) Cid Inc. – Forgotten*
12) Ezequiel Arias – Púrpura*
13) Sentre - Enterprise
14) Collé - A Forest*
15) Mariano Mellino - The Old Seawolf (Hernán Cattáneo & Graziano
Raffa Remix)
16) EANP – Stamp*
17) Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile - Wind Down (Outro)*

*Denotes exclusive tracks

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