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LSN are a trio from Wales. If you follow underground dubstep you'll know exactly who they are, if not, please read up and have a listen as they are some of the most musically skilled artists within the scene. As a trio they constantly push boundaries and blur lines within their music.



We got the chance to premiere their track "I Don't Know What That Means," which is forthcoming on a very weighty solo release via the well respected label Albion Collective. AxH also makes an appearance on the release with a special collaboration with LSN.

Have a listen to the track below:

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This is such a weighty production, from the slow, eerie intro to the creepy vocal sample that can be heard at various points throughout the track. The drop opens the entire track up with a brutal sub-bass bouncing back and fourth. 

Albion Collective are one of my favorite record labels in the scene at the moment putting out quality release's over and over again and this LSN release is no exception. Click here to pre order the release now.

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