Argo is no stranger to Magnetic Magazine as we have wrote about him on various occasions. He comes correct with his most recent self-released EP, putting out 5 productions via his personal Bandcamp, showcasing the various textures and sounds he uses within his creations. We have the SoundCloud premiere of "Chancebeat" for you below.

Argo - Chancebeat:

"Chancebeat" is a celebration of space, Argo uses an eclectic bunch of samples within the intro to entice the listener into the track, whilst edging closer to the drop he teases the sub bass, giving you a glimpse of what the drop is going to be like, strings and low level sub engulf this entire track. Huge track.

The rest of this EP is absolute quality. "Municipal" is a concoction of slow plucked strings and low end sub, sprinkled with various hip-hop samples. "Wild Timez" is more or less like a stripped back trap beat, miss-matched with sirens and high-end glitches. The 3rd track "La Meuf au DOOM tattoo" isn't the same speed as the others, its an up beat hip-hop instrumental, with just enough space for an emcee to lace something over. "On Way" is another very spacious production, coming back to 140 bpm, it stutters and skips along with a gorgeous vocal patterned over the top.

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You can purchase the release here.

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