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Review: IK Multimedia's Uno Drum

We go hands on with IK Multimedia's new hybrid drum machine and see how it performs.

What is it?

Uno Drum is IK Multimedia's first drum machine. It's ultra-portable and has a massive analog sound. In this review, we're going to touch on some of its key features, and the pros and cons. 

IK Multimedia Uno Drum

Key Features:

Uno Drum is a hybrid drum machine that has 6 analog voices and 54 different digital samples. It comes with 100 patterns and 100 kits that are both customizable and easy to use. The Uno Drum comes with a 64 step sequencer and a "Song" mode that allows you to combine different patterns you create for longer tracks. Uno Drum comes with both master and performance FX. The master FX comes with 3 different parameters; Compression, Distortion, and Stutter. The performanceFX has 5 different parameters; Stutter, Humanize, Random, Roll, and Fill. I found myself using the Humanize and Distortion FX a lot when playing out beats. On the back of the Uno Drum, you have your Midi in/out, and your Line in/out. As for powering the device, you can either use the micro USB it comes with or four AA batteries. The Uno Drum is also very lightweight, which makes bringing it along with you on the go easy.

IK Multimedia Uno Drum

What do I think?

For how small and compact the Uno Drum is It packs a powerful punch. The Analog drums and samples that come with the device sound amazing and can be further tweaked around using the effects to get the drum sounds you're looking for. The knobs on the device are quite nice -- they have a bit of weight to them which makes adjusting effects easier and more accurate. I love how light and compact the device is, it made taking it on the go a simple task. 

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The only feature I disliked about the Uno Drum is more of a personal opinion. Instead of the Uno automatically quantizing for you I think it should be one of the FX. I love to play out my drum patterns and get little imperfections that you can't get if you're programming them on a computer. The humanize and swing functions do allow it to sound more "human" but it isn't the same.

Should you try it out?

Absolutely, the Uno Drum is an incredibly compact and powerful device that I enjoyed using this past month. I brought it with me as much as possible and got some very unique results with the analog drums. It's something I would recommend if you want a portable and lightweight analog drum machine. 

IK Multimedia's Uno Drum

Final Thoughts?

Overall, The Uno Drum surprised me in many different ways. Everything from the different kits and patterns to the distortion and stutter effects I got some amazing sounding drums out of it. I was excited every single time I turned the Uno on because I knew I would get something completely different every session. With that being said, it's on my list of gear to purchase in the future.

If you want to check it out further here is a link to their website:

Score: 5/5

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