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Review: Solo New York Rolling Avenue C Duffel Bag

This bag is remarkable. It fits a lot of gear, is comfortable and somehow feels light when completely packed.
Solo New York Rolling Avenue C Duffel Bag

Finding the right travel bag can seem impossible. Do you want a rolling bag or a shoulder bag? Is it for long term travel or for a weekend or short week trip? How much stuff can you fit in a bag is critical, especially if you are an overpacker. There needs to be a good balance between size, weight and practicality. I have gone through too many duffel bags in my life that either are too small, too big or have zippers and straps that break in a few months. To see if there was a solution and one out there worth it, I was sent a copy of the Solo New York Avenue C Duffel Bag to see if it would be the duffel I needed. It was. See how it stacks up as a travel bag that you can use for Labor Day Weekend and fall weekend getaways in the review below.

What Is It?

Solo New York launched a new Downtown Travel line last month with the design of someone escaping for a weekend or for quick traveling out of town. They have a suite of backpacks and other bags in the line, but we got our hands on the Avenue C Rolling Duffel. It is a rolling duffel bag that has 49L of storage (that can be hard to quantify, but I will do my best in this review), a shoulder strap and several extra zippered pockets on the outside and inside.

How Does It Look?

It is a kind of dark grey that makes it both noticeable and also blends into your general look, no matter the outfit. It isn’t too large and unwieldy, nor does it look like a traditional box rolling suitcase. It looks good as a rolling bag and also as a shoulder bag. It isn’t doesn’t have the craziest outer designs or colors, but it is meant to be useful, not flashy. It is 12.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and two feet long. The bottom of the bag is strong and supportive, with inch-tall plastic runners that keep the bag from actually touching the ground.

Solo New York Rolling Avenue C Duffel Bag

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Can It Fit Lots Of Luggage?

Yes. I went away for 10 days to a log cabin in the woods and the bag held pretty much everything I needed. I only had to put a few things in a backpack. The bag has a surprising ability to carry everything you need. It doesn’t look that big, but the 49 liters of space goes a long way. I had shoes, pants, shorts, rain gear, underwear, socks, toiletries and more in the bag and it still managed to carry it all, though I was pushing it. A zipper on the inside can be useful for laundry or a wet bathing suit. That inside zipper is also where the shoulder strap is.

How Useful Is It?

This bag is remarkable. I have only used it twice since I got it, but it feels really sturdy. It is six pounds to start and manages to make all of the items you pack in there not seem that heavy. Often, duffle bags can feel heavier than they should be and destroy shoulders and backs. The Avenue C duffel feels very even and the shoulder strap is comfortable. There are two smaller hand straps that can be held together with Velcro or held separately and have a nice balance to them. The bag rolls very well on two wheels and the plastic handle to roll the bag moves smoothly and is easy to use. I wish it went a little higher for taller customers, but I don’t have to crouch as someone who is six feet tall. Without any items in the bag, it stands tall without any issues. If you pack the bag full of stuff (like me), then it will fall over towards the zipper side under the weight of your stuff and the lack of a supported, flat, square side to lie on. But otherwise, it gets the job don


This bag is worth every penny. It is light, spacious and comfortable. The straps are great and don’t dig into your body, while the bag itself can hold a surprising amount of gear that can last you more than a week. The wheels are good and the duffel rolls pretty well. Duffels can be a tough market to figure out, but Solo New York has a winner in the Avenue C Rolling Duffel.

Price: $129

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