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Sneakers That Are Good For The Environment: Meet Arbor's New Footwear Collection

Reclaimed materials, responsible leather and a donation to a environmental philanthropy with every purchase.
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If you haven't heard of Arbor, then it's about time they popped up on your radar for a variety of reasons. Along with making amazing boards (both snow and skate) they also make apparel and footwear. What separates these guys from the other brands is their proactive stance on our environment.  

Most recently The Arbor Collective has introduced a new footwear collection designed for lifelong board sports enthusiasts and casual kids alike. We got a pair of the slip-ons to take for a test-drive and it's safe to say the comfort and performance live up to the Arbor name. They work in just about every situation from cruising the longboard to chilling at the festival, and they are built to last unlike some other slip-ons out there. 

What's legit about this brand is their commitment to sustainability and the transparency around it. 

 Arbor's 24-year founding commitment to sustainable construction and environmental restoration is just as apparent in the new footwear line as it is there other goods. 

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Highlights include:

            • Reclaimed Rubber made from reground remnant materials

            • Recycled Poly made from materials like plastic water bottles

            • Responsible Leather that is hormone-free, non-GMO, and free-range

            • And as with all Arbor products, a portion of every sale goes to the Brand's Returning Roots Program: Not just planting trees - rebuilding & protecting natural forests.

 The shoe's hybrid design is super durable and ideal for that along-the-way skate session or roadside hike, as well as arriving in the mountains during the snow or mud season. Will these become your go-to sneaks?  

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