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Soul Bandit Channels Dreamy Pop With Latest Single "Rose Colored Glasses"

Soul Bandit is back with some dreamy dance pop.
Soul Bandit

Rose Colored Glasses is available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud. 

Los Angeles Ghoul Pop queen, Soul Bandit, is back with the dreamy new dance-pop track, “Rose Colored Glasses” and all I can say is it will surely be stuck in listeners heads for some time to come. Once again the young producer/DJ has blended her signature late 90s / early 2000’s vibe with her whimsical vocals which makes the whole track feel like a hidden gem from an unreleased version of DDR. This progressive throwback to pop-house music provides variance that isn’t always present in much of the genre’s releases today. This song is probably Soul Bandit’s most polished and mainstream ready offering and her personal development shines through as the track carries on.

Soul Bandit describes the message of “Rose Colored Glasses” in the following statement:

"This is a song about gaining the strength and courage to remove a toxic individual from your life. It's about putting the past aside and consciously choosing a path of happiness, optimism, and thus (as the idiom goes) seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Additionally, the over the top bubblegum dance-pop vibe of the track & artificial vocal processing are a nod to the fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality that many people choose to adopt in order to ultimately find peace in letting go."

- Soul Bandit

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Her empowering lyrics merge well in the bubbly and positive vibe of the song, while still holding presence and making a strong point with her art. It’s often a hard choice between supporting those you love and letting go to have a brighter outlook. And even if you’re not happy, faking it is a sure way to develop the habit of holding a positive perspective. “Rose Colored Glasses" is a definite energy raiser and inspiring to be our best selves.

As Soul Bandit continues to drop these light-hearted songs with meaningful takeaways, I’m curious to see where her next release will take us. Her development as an artist continues to please and surprise, with each track bringing in such unique mixes of the genre with a style that’s instantly recognizable. If you’re not in the loop, stay up to date by following Soul Bandit on Instagram.

“Rose Colored Glasses” is available to stream below!

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