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Spotlight: Fluid Audio FPX7 Studio Monitors

Professional sound quality at a price anyone can enjoy

Studio monitors are a dime a dozen, but picking the right pair can be an extremely daunting task. What size should you get? What's your budget? Which sound the best to you? These are all important questions, with the cost being one of the main factors for many. Unfortunately, most brands greatly reduce quality as when it comes to cheaper units. Fluid Audio decided to do away with that line of thinking and instead decided to create a monitor that not only sounded great but wouldn't break the bank. Thus, the FPX7 was born. 


What are they, and how do they work?

The FPX7s are 140w 7-inch, front-ported coaxial monitors, which means the tweeter sits in the middle of the woofer, reducing potential phasing and latency between your highs and mids because all of the energy from the tweeter and woofer radiate from the exact same position in space. The ribbon tweeter also provides a faster response than traditional tweeters. 

Another benefit of coaxial design is that, since the tweeter sits in the woofer, the actual size of the monitor can be reduced, thus saving space. The monitors are also lightweight, clocking in at 16.5 lbs, which is an added bonus should you ever need to move them.


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How do they look?

The monitors are sleek and modern in design, with metal faceplates and volume adjustments on the front of each unit. In terms of sound output, 140w is more than loud enough for nearly any size studio, with enough low-end to forgo needing a sub. The monitors are sold as single units, but as mentioned earlier, Fluid Audio took pricing into account. The cost per monitor is about $380, which won't break the bank, especially considering the quality. The monitors can be found online and in stores such as Guitar Center and more.  


Below, you will find key features of the FPX7

  • Seamless, transparent response in a compact footprint
  • 7” composite cone, low-frequency driver
  • Air motion transformer tweeter provides an extremely fast and accurate response
  • Bi-amplified 140Watt Class A/B amplification (90w woofer/50w AMT tweeter)
  • Acoustic Space Control lets you calibrate the FPX7 to your mixing environment ( 0, -2, -4db )
  • Tweeter high frequency trim control ( +2, 0, -2db )
  • Fader Volume control on front baffle for easy access
  • 42Hz – 27kHz frequency response (+/-3dB)
  • Front-loaded slot port for directional bass response
  • Amplifier standby function to conserve energy

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