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This Massive EP By Dustin Zahn Is Getting A Well-Deserved Re-Release on Rekids

One of 2009's biggest and baddest tunes is getting a proper re-release.
Dustin Zahn

If you were doing your share of warehouse raving about a decade ago, then you might just remember this underground classic. It was a pillar of dance music in 2009 and it bled into any sub-genre within dance music. It was practically inescapable and no one seemed to mind one bit. The original tune was titled "Stranger" and its maker was Berlin-based producer, Dustin Zahn. Len Faki was equally responsible though with his revision that took the tune to dizzying heights back in the day.

Now ten years later, the same label which unleashed this beast, Rekids is getting set to officially re-release the tune. It will arrive not only digitally, but on vinyl as well for all you vinyl addicts itching to grab a hold of this rare vinyl cut.   

Here's what Dustin had to say about this very special re-issue:

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"I can’t believe this record came out 10 years ago already. I knew it would be a big record but clearly estimated how massive it would be. It has inspired a lot of people who ended up becoming talented DJs/musicians or just simply passionate fans! The record was fetching unfair prices on Discogs and it was never properly available on streaming platforms. It’s about time that people get a chance to have it if they want it!"

Dustin Zahn's Stranger (To Stability) drops on Rekids Special Projects on 27th September 2019.

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