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Tycho Launches New Web App Forecast To Generate Playlists Based On Your Local Weather

Tycho promotes his new album 'Weather' with a cool new app.

Tycho has released a new web app that generates playlists based on the weather in your area titled Forecast. This isa cool, innovative and fitting way to promote Tycho’s new album Weather.

The simple web app needs your location and then it can generate a playlist based on the weather in your area. You do have to have Spotify or Apple Music.

One refreshing thing is that when the app requires access to your Spotify to create the playlist, its permissions are minimal and reasonable. It isn’t like a label trying to mine for your firstborn with a song pre-save.

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My current forecast in Brooklyn is shockingly 70 degrees and cloudy (it was 90 and humid yesterday). From that, the app churned out a 25-track playlist starting with Autechre and then includes tunes by Tycho, Fever Ray, Yo La Tengo, DJ Seinfeld and Ride. It is surprisingly really spot on.

The weather comes from the weather app Dark Sky according to co-creator Lee Martin. From there, they used Spotify generated data like valence and energy of various songs to create attributes for the types of songs that match weather patterns like wind. The design didn’t take the pair long and from there, they put this together. Read more of how it happened here.

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