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Watch: New Documentary Examines Detroit's Black Techno DJ's Cultural Influence

Titled "Black To Techno," the doc looks at the auto industry and Detroit in the 1980s.

Techno is synonymous with the city of Detroit and the rise and fall of its auto industry. Many different documentaries have examined the connection between the city and its genre, but now a new film directed by Jenn Nkiru and commissioned by Frieze and Gucci looks to examine the black origins of techno in Detroit.

This comes as part of Frieze and Gucci’s Second Summer of Love series that examines music scenes around the world and how they ignited social change.

The new 20-minute documentary shines some light on the black origins of techno that is often lost in the whitewashed genre today. It features some of Detroit’s best female DJs - Stacy Hale, Minx, and DJ Hieroglyphics as they spin in an auto factory. Beatjazz musician Onyx Ashanti narrates the film and tells the story of how the Auto industry crashing helped drive techno’s creation.

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The film also takes a look at how Detroit influenced Berlin at the end of the Cold War and when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. 

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