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I have another fantastic collection of indie dance tracks for you this month, specially curated from the folks over at Indie Discotheque. This month features new music from Donny Electric, Joywave, Monograms, and Bragolin, and many additional simply stellar tracks from top to bottom. It’s always such a joy putting this list together because, honestly, I can never find anything else quite like it these days. So let’s get into this month’s songs and listen to the best in indie and alternative dance music!

1. Oliver Tree & Whethan - Do You Feel Me?

Oliver Tree is completely over the top, but he sure knows how to write a catchy indie-pop tune. This collaboration with Whethan is fantastic simplicity, where the song structure is completely familiar in its simple synths and overlaying guitar riffs, with a distorted, drunken vocal overlaid.

2. Gothic Tropic - Drunk on a Rhythm

The new track from Gothic Tropic is something special, where the vocals pile on to the point of slight distortion for the chorus. In some ways, I wish it wasn’t there, but it’s part of what makes the track what it is. The deep, distorted guitar solo acts as a natural extension of this effect.

3. Argonaut & Wasp - Saigon

We are gifted with another stellar piece from Argonaut & Wasp this month, with a classic indie dance foundation, rhythmic guitar strumming, and electronic percussion programmed among a steady bass synth foundation. The vocal performance is well-produced, layered with falsetto.

4. Phantogram - Mister Impossible

A choir of brass, timpani, atmosphere, and a classic trip-hop drum pattern. Phantogram's latest is a throwback to the days of Juno Reactor and UNKLE but by some of the greatest artists of the modern era. The vocals are a relay, passing the baton across a grinding guitar texture.

5. Donny Electric - If You Supply the Paint

It might be a song about supplying paint, but the canvas laid out for this track creates a great picture. There is a lot of Two Door Cinema Club influence here, well-produced with guitar overtop a drum machine and well-balanced vocal that does its best to keep up with the tempo.

6. Joywave - Obsession

I’m always down for a simply structured rock track with just the right amount of groove and swagger. It’s a pop song at its core but treated with a broad brush of moodiness, bringing the obsession fully forward and giving the song an indie dance sensibility that keeps my interest.

7. Tegan and Sara - I’ll Be Back Someday

The latest from Tegan and Sara is the standard pop-rock track we’ve all heard already, but there’s something about the way they approach their performance that lets you know that you’re listening to them. This track is good and danceable, but I’m excited to hear more from them.

8. Morgxn - OMM!

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This isn’t the first time I’ve featured Morgxn on the chart, and hopefully won’t be the last. With OMM! We get to hear what’s been on his mind and sending him out of his mind (spoiler alert: it’s crazy like that). I love the flow of the track but I do wish there was more verse with the chorus.

9. Overstreet - Monster

Overstreet is bringing us the upbeat, sing-along song of the month with "Monster." While the track is reminiscent of Peter Bjorn and John, I love the octave changes in the vocal performance which gives the track such a playful vibe that makes you want to hit that repeat button.

10. Hearts and Rockets - Drama Club

I’m always into the post-punk grit and attitude, so this track from Hearts and Rockets checks that box for me this month. There isn’t any new ground being broken here, but it’s simple and produced well. I must also mention it’s fun to scream along with the lyric, “high drama!”

11. Monograms - Sounds Like Mean Spirit

You’d think by reading the title of the track it would be a play on the sound and style of Nirvana, but it’s not that at all, nor is it meaner. This is another post-punk dance-rock jam that gets me head bobbing. The processing of lyric is effective in contrast with the clarity in the percussion.

12. Operator Music Band - Mondo

Once again I can’t help myself in featuring Operator Music Band on the chart. This brings back that New York mid-00’s indie disco flair that I miss so, so much. The pacing of music like this, for me, is perfection. The Kraftwerk lyrical reference pairs perfect with the vibe of the track as well.

13. Bragolin - The End Dwells in Us All

This one is for all those deep, dark, smoke-filled indie dance floors out there, where everyone at the bar is dressed in black. I’m filled with memories of the gothic coffee house in the old Chinese restaurant, where I’d order cherry hot chocolate and listen to music to swirl around to.

14. Yacht - Scatterhead

Does anybody know there’s new music from Yacht? Now you know. This track is the kind of Yacht I love, with a bounce and a bass groove that keeps the momentum flowing, and the right amount of texture to keep the track interesting between verses of layered and pitched vocal.

15. Prysm - Destiny

In some ways, this track is just a straight-up rock anthem, but once the vocal kicks in it completely change the dynamic to a style reminiscent of The Charlatans. This is one of those songs that lets you release and thrash out on the dancefloor, and I’m looking forward to more!

Here's the playlist in all its indie dance glory:

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