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August was another amazing month for the release of synth music, and Indie Discotheque brings you another jaw-dropping collection of songs featuring tracks from TR/ST, Ra Ra Riot, Storme, Fear of Tigers, and more.

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1. Storme - Queen

Her voice sounds fragile at first, but the music sure finds its way to being simultaneously dreamy and majestic. When Storme announces she is my queen, I’m sold. From there forward we are looking higher and we find ourselves soaring, wrapped in a cloud of pulsating synth textures.

2. Own Eyes - You and I (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)

I’m going to be forward and tell you I haven’t liked everything Late Nite Tuff Guy has done recently, but this remix of Owl Eyes is done beautifully. This is a beautifully arpeggiated piece with a well-mixed, balanced vocal performance amongst enviable clarity in production.

3. Toy Cities - Digital Waves

We fall into this song (cautiously) into the digital waves, with the sounds of lasers from a space-age adventure. The noise dissipates into a simple synth jam utilizing acoustic percussion and a fitting vocal performance that has a mesmerizing production effect applied to it.

4. TR/ST - Iris

It’s always a good month when we have new music from TR/ST. His latest song titled “Iris” is one worth playing on repeat. Dark, pulsating synth work with vocal processing consistent to the project. It surrounds you, perfect for a dark room. Lay back, let the music soak into your ears.

5. Forhill - Flicker

The production value Forhill brings to this style of synth music is a wonder on its own, with the music sounding lo-fi but still has a warmth and an implied clarity that typically comes across as muddy. Not so with this music. This has been the style of the year, and Forhill has it mastered.

6. Lüne - Forêt de Crystal

Another chill synth track similar in style to what Forhill brings us this month, but slightly more energetic and a bounce that gives the song some credit for the dancefloor. "Forêt de Crystal" is my favorite of the music released by Lüne this month, but the whole collection is fantastic.

7. AM 1984 - Miami Days

Definitely less polished than the chill synth tracks, but AM 1984 brings us high energy retro synthwave for driving through Miami in the heat of the afternoon. Imagine cruising the streets in your rental Lamborghini with this track blasting. Heads will turn in your direction non-stop.

8. Tessa Violet - Crush (Le Youth Remix)

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This new remix from Le Youth is so fun and bouncy, with impressive vocal mixing and a dreamy backing synth that ties together the mood of the track so well. I’m personally excited about this one, as I’ve been a fan of Le Youth for so long.

9. Fear of Tigers - Italian for Beginners

I am such a fan of Fear of Tigers songwriting and I love his podcast and personality, but I find myself simultaneously frustrated with how consistently flat the production style of this project has been. There is little dynamic range where I expect roundness of sound with aural warmth.

10. American Wolf - Softcore Drama

This track opens up in such a dream state, pulling you in and surrounding you with a spectacular wall of sound. The vocal performance is dreamy, bringing you along as you aurally soar through the sound. The echo effect in contrast to the grit of the bass synth is stunning.

11. Jostronamer - Lucid (David Carretta Remix)

Borderline techno but still loaded with synth texture, this remix from David Carretta is one for those who love juicy arpeggiation that surrounds you on a dark dancefloor. A heavy arrangement, composed of a classic EBM influence with crisp percussion and vocal samples.

12. Ra Ra Riot - Belladonna

This new song from Ra Ra Riot was such a surprise for me, with such a variety of influence and instrumentation. It’s part a-Ha, part The Killers, part modern-day pop-EDM, but still a Ra Ra Riot rock song. The use of synth across the song is beautifully done, and I also love the violin solo.

13. TEEO - For You and I

A departure from the prior works of Sweden's TEEO, this song brings a soulful vocal presentation that stands strong among this well-produced pop. Very similar in style to the music of Studio Killers, and vocally influenced by artists in the vein of Lady Gaga.

14. Bragolin - Hate Close to Love (A.T.)

Dark, pulsating synth overlaid with cavernous guitar strumming, and echo effects applied heavily across this track from Bragolin, who also graces our Indie Dance chart this month. I love the overall minimalism with the song’s monotone, one-word-at-a-time vocal performance.

15. Marsheaux - Home (I Dream My Dream)

Another dreamy synthpop track for the chart, this time from Marsheaux, who brings us this beautifully arranged and produced piece featuring a vocal performance that pleads to go home (but do we really want to?) while we remain surrounded in this gorgeous synth soundscape.

Let’s listen to the playlist:

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