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Review: Moon Boots Releases Soulful, Funky New Album 'Bimini Road'

Moon Boots shares his sophomore album on Anjunadeep for some soulful and funky weekend listening.
Moon Boots

Moon Boots

Anjunadeep star Moon Boots may not have the obvious pedigree of others like Lane 8 and Yotto who have gone on to launch event series and labels. However, Moon Boots is bringing a different sort of sound to the label that is one of the leading places for a deep blend of trance and house music. With his sophomore album Bimini Road, he continues that mission of creating his own lane on the label.

Bimini Road is a collaboration-heavy work, relying on a slew of vocalists like Little Boots, Steven Klavier and Nic Hanson to provide crucial elements of the project.

The album starts with the sumptuous, soulful piano-laden house record “Tied Up,” that could be a metaphor for relationships, labor relations or bondage.

The vocal tracks on the album shine as the most interesting of the bunch. “So Precious” is saved by the vocal, even if it is simple, but manages to provide some soul to the funky bassline. “Clear” brings a strong UK garage vibe with the cooing voice of Nic Hanson and a great hook as a way to switch things up on the record. “You Won’t See Me Cry” and “Juanita” (a previous single), stand out with their melodic elements that take these outside of regular house realm with some strong funk and disco elements. These provide those peak time moments from the record that will translate well to the live setting.

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Some of the instrumentals provide some varying production, but tracks like “Lost City,” feels like an early set, straight away house record. “Trance & Dental” is more atmospheric and subdued with a trance influence.

Overall, the album is a stellar sophomore work from Moon Boots. Some of the tracks get a little lost in the shuffle, but this is a clean and easy from start to finish. When a lot of tech house sounds completely soulless and repetitive, this album is great to hear drawing on disco, funk and soul to help make it stand out.

Get your copy now and line this up for some soulful and funky weekend listening. See a short video to get a sneak peek at how the album was made. Check his website for upcoming tour dates.

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