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Amon Tobin Announced Second Album of 2019, 'Long Stories'

Amon Tobin made this album primarily on a broken Omnichord.
Amon Tobin Long Stories Album Art

Amon Tobin has announced a new album Long Stories. This would be his second album in 2019, following April’s Fear In A Handful Of Dust.

After going eight years without a new album release, Tobin is back with another album to make the nearly decade-long wait worth it.

Long Stories will explore a different side of his artistry, taking a more melodic approach to his productions. A good portion of the record was made with just one instrument, a broken Omnichord. Long Stories has a warm analog feel to it.

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He has revealed the first single “One Shy Morning,” which Tobin describes as, “the sound of Margot Robbie riding a unicorn into the sun right before the world explodes and all that's left is a ghost of love.”

Stream “One Shy Morning” above and see the full tracklist. Long Stories will be released on October 25. Pre-order the LP here.

Long Stories Tracklist:

01. One Shy Morning
02. Full Panther
03. Sounds Like Moths
04. Red Moon
05. Clear For Blue
06. Long Stories
07. Dust For A Duster
08. Brushed Aluminium Reeds
09. Atkinson Sky
10. Feed

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