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City Guide: Brussels With Nico Morano

Words and photos by Nico Morano

Belgium is known for many things, perhaps most notably beer, chocolate, and waffles. It's also home to many extremely talented DJs, especially in Brussels. As a melting pot of German, French, and Dutch influences, there are many hidden gems in the city that will surely satisfy anyone's needs and desires. We asked local hero Nico Morano to take us around town and give us the inside scoop of the city's hottest spots. 

Words and photos by Nico Morano

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We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

Summer or winter, head over to the Café Belga at the Place Eugene Plagey. This place is always in for a pre-party. When there is only a slight ray of sun peeping from the sky, the big terrace will be packed and in the evenings this bar turns into a semi club. They also invite a lot of cool artists, big names or local talent, to spoil their customers.

Nico Morano & Arnaud at Café Belga (BXL)

Where can you find the best clubs / late-night venues in town?

When you say BXL, you automatically think about Fuse. Already 25 years in the techno game, they are still not planning to leave. They also recently renewed their club, sound system, lights, … everything. So if you are looking for a proper techno night on Saturday… This club is the place to be. But in Brussels, one club would not be able to cover it all of course. That is why I would also suggest keeping an eye on the agenda of the underground club C12, which is located nearby the Central Station.

nico morano at fuse

Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out for you?

Hang-over from all the clubbing? Defo you need to visit Peck 47 for an egg benedict in combo with some delicious waffles! In combo with a splendid coffee will help you get through your day! Or you can dive again into the alcohol and go for a fresh Moscow mule cocktail!

Best dirty late-night street food option?

One simple answer: “MY TANNOUR”: Syrian kitchen. The funny thing is. I got to know this cozy restaurant because they offered street food at a festival, where I was playing last year. I was immediately sold. So I went to their restaurant (which I didn’t know before) and … again … and again… and… will always go back. By the way… it is on 2 minutes walking distance from my first advice, the Café Belga. So, for sure a good combo. First have a drink at Belga, afterward food at My Tannour, then… clubbing at Fuse or C12?!

Nico Morano - St-Kilda (Brussels)

Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in Brussels?

Crevette Records or Veals & Geeks. Here you will find what you were always looking for!

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Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

Ok, you need a break… time for a super chilly sauna at Waer Waters, just outside Brussels. I have to admit… for me this the perfect after-party on a Sunday after a gig.

Something everyone should do when visiting Brussels, but probably hasn’t?

NOT eating chocolate at tourist traps?

But please go to Frederic Blondeel’s chocolaterie instead of all the ‘famous’ ones.

The real deal can be found here: Address: 24 Quai aux Briques

A track that reminds you of your childhood in the city?

When I started to get a real interest in music, I was surrounded by hip-hop & skater culture. The Belgian Hip-hop band Starflam was my favorite, so… playing this song brings back… a lot of memories skating the shit out of the BXL pavement and all the hip hop vinyl stores I visited to get my black gold.

Starflam – Ce plat pays:

What are other great exports that come from Brussels?

Listen to Stereoclip! This dude is Brussels/Belgiums best musical export product!

A gift you can’t leave Brussels without taking home for friends?

Jupiler? Duvel? Stella? Leffe? Westvleteren? Hoegaarden? Cornet? Kwak? Primus? Omer? La Chouffe?

Can list another 1000 Belgian beers if you want… 

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