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Vibrant, soul-drenched and undeniably eye-catching. Just a few of the ways you could sum up the brilliant Eckoes, who has gained serious recognition with her electronic/chill hybrid sound.  The stirring, almost haunting single "Cages" recently landed on Absent Mind, and she has an EP set to follow. 

Hear more about the single, her ethos as an artist and those all-important Current Vibes below... 

You’ve just released the beautiful "Cages" with Absent Mind – it’s a stunning release. What did you want to achieve with it? 

I wasn’t really trying to "achieve" anything…. I just wanted to share it with people and hope they enjoy it. It’s also a more upbeat follow up to "Without Prejudice," so it gives people a more rounded idea of my live show and upcoming EP. 

What were some of the most enjoyable parts of making it? What did you gain from the process, and what helps you to keep developing? 

The best bit is seeing it take shape and playing with it. The structure is weird - there’s no intro, the 1st verse melody never comes back and the last section nods to a dance track. That all happened along the journey without being planned. Taking these risks help me develop and keep me interested in creating. 

Who or what influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles? 

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I’m inspired by everything I love listening to, but also non-musical things like human behavior and literature. Musically, I love Björk’s disregard for any rules and her beautiful textures. James Blake is just everything, but I grew up on lots of soul/R&B too, so it all shapes my sound.

What do you think sets you apart as an artist, and how do you want your music to make people feel?

I think I’m different because I’m not trying to be anything. I’m not even trying to be different. I’m just always trying to be honest with and to myself. In the studio, my producer David and I always say “If we’ve heard it before, why are we making it again?” And that keeps pushing us to go further. Aesthetically, I’m unapologetic standing on stage, hitting almost 6ft 3” wearing war paint and costumes I created myself. It lets people see more of who I am and connects us even more. I want people to listen to my music and feel heard. 

How have the reactions been to "Cages" so far?

It’s been amazing to see it pop up on playlists I genuinely listen to myself. I’m happy people have taken to it. 

What else is on the horizon for you in 2019? What can we hear from you next? 

I’m playing a festival in Sweden in 2 weeks and joining Alxndr London at The Jazz Cafe just after that, as I wrote and sang on his new mixtape. Then we’re looking at a London show end of October, before we head to play in Luxembourg and Italy. 

Are there any major goals you want to achieve in the next couple of years? 

I just want to keep doing what I do on a bigger and bigger scale. Write music with more people, perform it to more people, play it in more places. And get better and better at it. 

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